As a trauma-informed coach, in over 40,000 sessions, I've developed a successful approach to coaching spiritual entrepreneurs and professionals that are now living more aligned, purposeful, and prosperous lives,  impacting others from a high-level mindset.

Unlike traditional therapies that focus on symptoms, we will address all mental, emotional, or physical blocks holistically or wholly. Timing differs with each individual, as we are all unique, having had varied experiences.

Some deeply held traumas embed into the body, mind, and emotions. There is no need for re-traumatizing, only to bring to consciousness the programs, beliefs, and survival strategies still operating at an unconscious level.

Once hidden, unconscious programs come to consciousness, they can be released quickly. The next step is to replace those disruptive, limiting programs with beliefs and energy that connect you to the higher frequencies so that the real YOU can emerge, fully self-expressed, empowered, and guided by Higher Self intuition.

I have been blessed by Infinite Creator with new healing energy frequencies, and light code activations that create quantum shifts. These new healing energies clear and release old energies quickly, followed by activations that raise your frequency. Once your energy frequency is higher, you can manifest much faster, access your intuitive guidance, and spiritual gifts with greater clarity.

If this resonates with you, you have likely been guided here to do this work. Together, we will break through your limiting beliefs and discover your full potential.

Quantum Shift Rapid Results Mini-Coaching Packages

After removing, clearing any past trauma, the energy, fears, limitations, and programs blocking your highest level of success & Higher Self Alignment, we will imprint and install Divine Sacred Energy Codes into your Energetic Divine Blueprint.

-Wealth Activation to increase your capacity to receive and hold the wealth meant for you. (Wealth is more than money. It is knowledge, skills, insights, and the beauty that makes up your Sacred Genius.

-Creation Activation to increase your capacity to create on all levels, including money, business, opportunities, partnerships, relationships, solutions.

-Knowledge and Wisdom Activation to align to Universal Mind and Consciousness, allowing you to access Higher Wisdom and Knowledge in all areas of life.

-Higher Self Alignment to increase your ability to manifest with more ease on all levels and a greater awareness of the choices that are in your highest good.

You are a Divine Creator Being that deserves to be free from limitation and constraint. Once we get to the ROOT of any confusion, fear, or block, we will imprint and activate Universal Light Codes to allow you to align to your highest timeline and purpose.

NOTE: Due to high demand, these packages are limited to availability.




Program your day for success, clear your energy, plus 3 Guided MP3 meditations.

Spiritual Counseling

"I have known about Bernadette for a long time, but my resistance and mind had me wrapped up in believing that I can solve all of my challenges. I found myself at my last straw of trying to KEEP trying for my life. I needed something different. The Spiritual Coaching sessions with Bernadette not only gave me the solutions I overlooked, but peace of mind and heart. All of this was once inside of me and I never knew that I could own it and continuously using it in my life to create the life of my dreams. I am living again with more courage, strength, trust and faith than I ever imagined having.



Highly successful people, entrepreneurs, athletes, and high achievers have a coach.  They know that in order to excel they need someone with objectivity to mentor them. Having a coach saves time and money in the long run. With a coach, you cut trial and error down to a minimum. An experienced coach will help you avoid costly mistakes and repeated behaviors that impede progress.

Whether you are struggling with a specific area in life or facing a specific business problem, it boils down to a few key things; thought, emotions, and actions. Rapid Shift Coaching sessions with Bernadette create cutting-edge solutions so you can:

  • Achieve your goals without stress, struggle or inner turmoil.
  • Are no longer held hostage by the negative emotions that are creating fear, self-sabotage, or procrastination.
  • Have clarity on your 'WHY' allowing you to soar in everything you do.
  • Have unshakeable CONFIDENCE no matter the circumstance or challenge.


In order to change anything in your life, you need to know what is blocking you from that change. Asking the right questions and pinpointing both conscious and unconscious blocks will effectively get you unstuck. Life coaching  will guide you to discover your best self. Your  session will identify your strengths and weaknesses. Using various proven techniques, we will clear your mental and emotional blocks to get you on the path of achieving your greatest desires.

Some people hire a life coach to discover their passion, purpose or best use of their talents and skills. Others use life coaching to break patterns of self-sabotage with health, relationships, even finances.

As a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Life Coach, Bernadette teaches you how to incorporate both Emotional Intelligence and Intuitive Intelligence into all of your decisions. By doing so, you become a powerful creator in your own life.

Using energy healing, Bernadette will assist you to transform your life create an action plan unique to your goals, desires, and vision.

Your role in achieving results? Commitment, dedication and willingness to be the student of your life. You will learn how best to live your life, set boundaries and accomplish your goals. She is not here to tell you what to do, she is here to coach you into making healthy, decisive choices for your life.

"Working with Bernadette has blessed me in more ways than I can count. I've manifested a home, learned how to release things that are not in my highest good, and my self worth and confidence are getting better and better. I also notice when something comes up I am able to respond to it rather than react and overall feel more calm and in control of my life.



EFT Tapping Practitioner

"Bernadette is the real deal!!! Very gifted intuitive, channel, medium, coach, but above all a genuinely sweet soul! The combination of her life experience and spiritual gifts make a powerful combination. She tells it like it is, with heart, so time with her is very well spent, and you always walk away with good advice and an action plan. Bernadette is at the TOP of my spiritual adviser list!


November 2019