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How to get out of the lack mentality

Feb 09, 2019

Personal Growth & Spiritual Development: How to get out of the lack mentality and vibration so that you can expand in abundance. (Like & Share)

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Feb 04, 2019

The New Moon in Aquarius happens today at 1:04PM PAC/4:04 PM EST, heralding the beginning of a new cycle.

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, the Year of The Pig, the last sign in the Chinese Zodiac.

With the New Moon in Aquarius energy you have the opportunity to make exciting, transformative changes in your life.

The New Moon aligns with Mercury in Aquarius and is sextile to Jupiter creating hopeful optimism for the future.

The Sun is forming a semi-sextile to Saturn this morning so it may feel a little heavy but that will pass as we approach the afternoon.

To take advantage of this New Moon, light a candle, write your intentions/desires on a piece of paper and imagine having your life full of those desires as if it's already DONE.

Green Candle: Healing, Money, Job
White Candle: Spiritual Connection/Protection
Red: Passion, Love, Action
Yellow: Communication

New Moon Prayer:
I Am, the Light of Creator, I Am.
I Am, the Love of Creator, I Am.
I Am, the Wisdom and Truth of Creator, I Am.

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December 2018 Monthly Forecast Earth, Air, Fire & Water

Dec 01, 2018

December 2018 Monthly Forecast - General readings for (Like & Share ):
Earth (Virgo, Capricorn Taurus)
Air (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius)
Fire (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
Water (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio)
You might resonate with the other signs especially if you have that element in your Moon or Rising Sign. 

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4 Keys to Change and Transformation

Oct 18, 2018

4 Keys to Change and Transformation 

  1. Acknowledgement
  • Acknowledge there is a problem, there is something missing, there is something you’re not seeing within your own life. Acknowledge that what you’re living right now is not in alignment with what you want. Acknowledge where the problems are; acknowledge how you feel and give yourself permission to feel better. Acknowledge that you aren’t living your most purposeful, passionate, happy life.
  • You have to be willing to first acknowledge that there is a problem, and the problem isn’t out there (in the world). We want to think, I would be happy if so and so changed, or my job changed or if I had more of this or more of that. Yet that isn’t the truth. What you need to change and what you need to acknowledge is not external, it is internal. All of what you need to shift, to change, to be happy, is within you. You’re not going to find it out there. You can try; certainly there are...
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Change Your Sleep Patterns - Watch First

Sep 26, 2018

From Bernadette:

For the first time, I am going to share written, channeled information from my guides and Spirit. While I will do my best to edit and make it more readable for you, I type 95 words per minute, working hard to keep up with the information I receive. If you notice typos, please overlook it. I am bringing you this information to assist in your growth, however, as with livestreams, I am doing so for free. Honor the information and understand that there will be typos and grammatical errors.

Please consider supporting this work by tithing/donating. Any amount is greatly appreciated:

To schedule a private session:

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