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The Wonders of Oil of Oregano

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2018

Oil of Oregano is saving my mouth and sanity right now. I have been using it for years for tooth/gum issues. I will warn you, using the Essential Oil straight is not recommended. I tried and it is way too strong. I opted to go to the supplement store and pick up this little bottle. It's amazing at providing pain relief and I can feel the inflammation easing. Using 2-4 drops right on the problem area, kills the infection, relieves the pain and assists in relieving the inflammation.

There are so many health benefits in using Oil of Oregano as a daily supplement. 

What Are The Benefits Of Wild Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is well known for its astonishing results. The details of each benefit & how oregano assists in providing that benefit will be further discussed in the article. Below is the top 25 Benefits:

  • *Natural antibiotic properties
  • *Supports UTI's bladder infections & cystitis
  • *Allergies & infections
  • *Antibiotic Epidemic
  • *Gingivitis bad breath
  • *Flu,colds,bronchitis & croup
  • *Ring worm and athlete foot
  • *Toe nail fungus
  • *Dandruff
  • *Parasites
  • *Natural insect repellent
  • *Fights against antibiotic resistance bugs
  • *Essential nutritional properties
  • *Menstrual period pains
  • *Digestion
  • *Anti-ageing
  • *Weight loss
  • *Pain
  • *Tooth ache
  • *Acne,eczema,skin conditions & bed sores
  • *Anti venom
  • *Viruses
  • *Immune system
  • *Sinus Infections
  • *Antibacterial Germ Killer

 The bottle below is the very brand I use and it's potent, pure and works like a charm. Do you have it in your medicine cabinet? What do you use it for regularly?

Comment below :) 


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