Do you struggle with the pursuit of Love and Money? If so, you aren't alone.  You can have it all! You just need to create harmony and alignment. You see harmony in one's body, mind, spirit, finances, relationships, work and family CREATES peace, joy, health and wealth...THE SECRET IS HAVING A STRONG SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION!

Are you drained, feel like nothing is working or worst in some sort of crisis? Relationship crisis, financial crisis, or just plain unhappy and can’t take it anymore?

Is your life in a state of crisis where you feel unhappy, at a loss and have no support? People who “care” are telling you to “be happy” or are joyfully criticizing you and your past choices? You aren’t alone! I talk to so many people that are in that same boat, rowing upstream. A stream full of too many bills, losses, betrayals, responsibilities and now it’s just overwhelming. Sure you have income, you have friends or family but you are constantly on the treadmill of barely making it. You feel like something is missing and there isn't enough time or money to enjoy life.

I know you want a better life, healthy, supportive, loving relationships but you can’t find a way out of the dark hole you feel stuck in.

I was there once too…

25 years ago I struggled with major anxiety, depression and of course I was in financial crisis. I felt alone disconnected and peace was non-existent. I barely slept, and if I did, I would wake up in the middle of the night in a panic over bills, work, my daughter. My mind did mental gymnastics every night trying to figure out how to “save” myself from the constant turmoil. My friends and family weren’t very supportive since I didn’t want to “burden” them with my problems. I needed to find a way to turn my life around but honestly didn’t know anyone who completely had their “shit” together. Seriously, I travelled in some wealthy social circles but no one I knew had total balance, peace, and love. They had money but not wisdom, kindness or compassion. In fact, a lot of them had horrible relationships. I wanted it all and I knew it was possible!

I went on a search, I prayed, I meditated and I devoured all the books on psychology, success, spirituality, personal growth I could find. I was seeking answers on how to be happy, feel worthy, good enough and how to create a stable life that flowed with abundance in all things.

For the longest time, I felt like some people were just “luckier than me”. My studies taught me that luck had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t willing to rob, cheat or steal my way to a better life either.

Guess what I discovered?

There are Universal Laws in place that govern our lives on all levels. These Universal laws create order and structure. When you are UNAWARE of them, you struggle. When you are aware and know how to operate in them on a practical level, life becomes magically easy!


You see religious and government institutions long ago hid the wisdom in these Universal truths. Thankfully, technology has evolved and the truth is being revealed…

You probably know about the Law of Attraction but did you know there are several other Universal Laws that are EQUALLY important? When I discovered these laws and learned how to align my mind, emotions and actions to them, my life completely changed. The change took time for me because I didn’t know anything about unconscious blocks, fears and programs that kept me from consistent alignment.

You see, we all have subconscious or unconscious fears, blocks, programs and triggers that keep us from living in complete alignment with Universal Law. When I realized all that, identified them and cleared them, change happened quickly. My relationships improved dramatically, my anxiety disappeared, depression too. I finally had balance, peace, joy and miraculous financial blessings appeared and continue to this day.

So, in order to TRANSFORM you life, you need to get clear all the blocks, fears, etc that are keeping you from aligning to Universal Law. That’s where Charmed Life comes in. In Charmed Life we do the deep work to not only uncover the blocks to love, money, health and success, we CLEAR them too.

You will learn how to quickly identify, heal and release whatever is blocking your dreams and ideal life from manifesting. You will be given powerful tools to permanently shift your life, creating peace, Self-Confidence and Financial security. You will have a proven formula to control circumstances and have everything work out for you easily, effortlessly and magically!

Charmed Life will give you the knowledge and wisdom to create a solid foundation for a life grounded in spiritual, universal principles. You will connect to your Higher Self or True Nature and God/Source/The Universe. You will experience profound transformation that gets you into the FLOW of abundance in all things.

It doesn’t matter where you are now! The Charmed Life formula is a proven system and structure, creating an easy path to a blessed, lucky life.

The work we do in Charmed Life is “LIFE WORK”. It takes you step-by-step through exercises and teachings that allow you to identify, heal and clear anything holding you back. It empowers you with the wisdom needed to align to Universal Law so that everything you desire is made manifest in your life.

BOLD PROMISE I KNOW!  If you follow the steps, DO THE WORK and commit to the process, I promise you will see massive change!

Here’s the best part, you have access to Live weekly coaching, private group support and you become part of a loving, compassionate community of like-minded people.

I invite you to join the Masters where you get access to the entire course and Live weekly coaching for an ENTIRE YEAR.


All coaching sessions are recorded so no matter where you are in the world, you can take the course and benefit.



You want financial wealth, loving relationships, life balance, a sense of purpose, and spiritual fulfillment. So what’s stopping you? Is it self-worth, self-doubt or uncertainty?

You know what? Most people were never taught how to release subconscious programs, past traumas and fear. Did you know that you can do just that without re-traumatizing yourself? 


No matter what is holding you back from living a joyful life of ease, prosperity, and abundance in all good things, YOU CAN have the breakthrough you’ve been looking for without even leaving home! 

Charmed Life is like counseling or therapy on steroids. Imagine breaking through and dissolving all the things that have been holding you back in mere weeks, NOT years.

Imagine having the EXACT formula to live with self-confidence, self-love, self-value and using that formula to magnetize what you desire. I want to teach you how to set and enforce healthy boundaries that create harmony, respect and love. Imagine living your daily life in constant conversation with The Universe/God. You will be able to ask for a solution or confirmation to a choice you are presented with and have it quickly. Imagine KNOWING that you are never alone, you are indeed always supported. 

It's TIME to transform your life, live with passion, purpose and clarity! You CAN magnetize the wealth, health, love that is yours by Divine right. You CAN easily identify and silence the inner critic/bully that sabotages your success in relationships and with money. I did it and so have many others.....

"Like You I struggled. 25 years ago I turned my life around and committed myself to helping others."

Click to watch Bernadette's message to you....


In this LIFE CHANGING journey

of Self Discovery and Self Love you will learn the formula and tools to:

  • Magnetize and create financial prosperity, healthy, loving relationships and improved health.
  • Permanently heal and release deep subconscious issues and past traumas blocking love, money & peace.
  • Relieve anxiety, stop self-doubt and self-sabotage.
  • Truly Love and Honor Yourself.
  • Live with Absolute Clarity, Confidence, Courage and Connection.
  • "Flip the script" on any unwanted circumstance.
  • Live with Joy and Passion in a way that creates opportunity.
  • Stop mind chatter and circling thoughts that keep you up at night.
  • Create a relationship & strong connection to your Higher Self and God/Source Energy.
  • Strengthen and build your intuition, receive Divine inspired guidance and direction.
  • Put ALL the Universal Laws to work for you.
  • Deal with conflict and emotional triggers head-on, peacefully.
  • Stop other peoples opinions and judgments from affecting you.
  • Navigate life in a joyful, easy way that flows and creates alignment with your heart's desires.

Charmed Life goes far beyond the Law of Attraction to give you ALL the tools you need to create a strong foundation for a life worth living.


You wouldn’t be here unless something was missing from your life. Imagine having the tools you need to connect to your personal power, gain confidence and clarity, and bring your highest visions to life.

Charmed Life is for you if:

-You’re feeling lost and confused about your desires or life purpose.

-You feel out of alignment with your spiritual nature.

-You struggle with anxiety, doubt, and overwhelm.

-You’re a sensitive or empath, and it’s creating difficulty in your life.

-You struggle with money and creating real, fulfilling success.

-You’re tired of never finding the right kind of loving relationships you’re looking for.

-You are done being a “doormat” and putting yourself last.

-You’re ready to dream BIGGER than you ever have before.

Charmed Life will give you the tools you need to cut through limitations, slay your fears, and take control of your life!

Stress, anxiety, and depression do not need to control you. Fear does not need to hold you back from achieving your goals and desires. YOU have the power. Are you ready to find it?

Charmed Life teaches you the Spiritual Principles and tools to create immediate results. You will learn how to enter and live within the Field of Infinite Possibilities where everything you want resides.

By aligning with universal wisdom, you unlock the great mysteries of the Universe and tap into the flow of conscious creation where life keeps getting better and better...


Life is created either in default reaction mode or deliberate mode. Being deliberate, confident & peaceful gets puts you in alignment with all the things you desire. You will learn how to get out of the emotional response of "Fight or Flight". You will be able to respond peacefully and joyfully instead of reacting unconsciously no matter what's happening. 


Stop mind chatter and anxiety in it's tracks! Programs are set at a young age and create roles and circumstances that you don't want. You have the power to reprogram your mind and brain. You will learn how to silence the voice of the Ego that bullies or discourages you and empower your True Voice as well as the Voice of Spirit. 


Hurt and anger create emotional triggers that cause unwanted, repetitive reactions and behaviors. You will move beyond emotional triggers, raising your "having" level to bigger heights. for love, money and joy. In doing so, you will learn how to build healthy boundaries instead of "walls of defense". You will increase your "set point" 



It takes more than mindset to have what you want. You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction but did you know there are TEN other spiritual laws that are equally important? You will learn how to master ALL of them in a way that puts the Universe to work FOR you!


Expressing a Powerful YOU directed by Divine Inspired Action is how you create a Charmed Life full of health, wealth, happiness and most of all LOVE. Attuned to your Divine nature, Higher Self and Spirit, you will receive signs, confirmations and guidance to keep you on the path of ease.


Charmed Life offers 2 levels of enrollment. Masters offers the most value with expanded teachings and live weekly coaching for 52 weeks.




  • Over 34 Lesson Modules
  • Meditation Downloads
  • 1:1 Help in Group Coaching for 12 weeks
  • Private FB Group with support & help from Bernadette




  • BASIC + Expanded Lessons & Teaching on Manifesting Money & Manipulating Time.
  • 52 Weeks Live Coaching + Last Year's Coaching Replays.
  • If you are committed to changing your ENTIRE life, this is the level to choose.



What's Included in Charmed Life:

Created by Spiritual Teacher/Mentor Bernadette Dickinson, who has a proven track record as a Spiritual Mentor & Empowerment Coach with over 25 years experience. She has been guiding others through Spiritual Counseling, Psychic readings, Life & Biz Success Coaching, He

You be alone on this journey of transformation. Bernadette is with you LIVE in weekly coaching and in the Private Facebook group.
  • Original, easy to apply spiritual teachings for any circumstance.
  • Tools for healing the past and shifting energy including EFT/Tapping and more.
  • Lesson videos give step-by-step knowledge, inspiration and guidance in bite-sized modules (Over 34 Modules).
  • PDF downloads: action-oriented cheat sheets, quick reference guides and worksheets to support your learning and reprogramming.
  • Audio/MP3 downloads you can listen to on the go, in the car, while exercising, or anywhere else.
  • Powerful Original Meditations MP3 downloads to help you manifest your desires quickly
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching sessions with 1:1 help to answer questions, use EFT/Tapping to clear issues and ongoing teachings.
  • Access to Recorded Coaching Sessions. Even if you miss the Live Coaching Sessions, you can catch the replays.
  • Become part of a loving, supportive community of like minded peers.
  • No matter what part of the world you are in, this program will work for you! 

"Bernadette is a beautiful soul, wise beyond her years, an extraordinary life coach, and a life-transforming empowerment coach. In a matter of weeks, she was able to promote my healing-healing what psychologists, psychiatrists and LCSW therapists couldn't heal for decades - they just put bandaids on my metaphorical gushing wounds. I guarantee you Bernadette will provide you the tools not only for healing but for overcoming any obstacle/challenge you might face, may it be financial, emotional, spiritual, mental or physical. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life"

Darlene Julkowski
July 7, 2017 Charmed Life Master

"I've now completed my first round of Charmed Life and just started again on another issue. I must say the lessons Bernadette has provided are life changing! I'm learning so much about myself, how to handle life as it comes my way, how to let go of those things that no longer (or ever) served me and how to have fun. The experience and knowledge she brings to her students is priceless! The fact she chooses to share this gift with us is AMAZING! I will be forever grateful! Thank you Bernadette!!"

Monique Drane
June 30, 2017 Charmed Life Master

"I just wanted to let everyone know in Charmed Life how much I've grown and enjoyed being a part of this family, I am not the same person I was before this magnificent experience. I feel like I've evolved faster in the past year than all the years prior combined. Many blessings to everyone here.. please continue to pursue your dreams and live abundantly. I love all of you, my capacity to love and root for others has grown exponentially. Special shout out to Bernadette Dickinson who has been an extraordinary mentor and friend/soul sister. I can't thank you enough for your leadership and dedication to us. I'll be watching all of you from various parts of the world. Once again, thank you and I love you all!"

Spencer Nabeeta
June 2016 Charmed Life Master

"WOW - what an amazing experience! I've gotten so much out of this program, not just results, but a sense of validation and community that comes from working collaboratively in a supportive, committed group with an excellent coach encouraging learning and growth. Anyone looking to empower themselves and be the change they wish to see in their lives needs to complete this program! You will see a return on your investment! Thank you so much, "Sensei" Bernadette, and thank you to my fellow course attendees as well. It's been an amazing ride and I'm so thankful to have gained the resources we used in this program."

2016 Charmed Life Master

"The Charmed Life course has made a huge positive impact on all areas of my life. There were many lessons on giving and receiving. A big one for me was learning to receive, that it's not selfish. Bernadette is an amazing channel and leader for the course. She provides information and messages that are precisely what you need to hear at the time. It will guide you on a smooth path. She is always a reminder to have fun and play. She takes the time to make sure each student gets what they need to succeed. Charmed Life has changed my life for the better. "

Andrea Joy Nussinow
June 2016 Charmed Life Master


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