Life is full of changes, transitional phases and rites of passage. Some life changes and transitions are positive; a new relationship, new job, new house, graduating from college, a promotion. Other life changes or transitions are more difficult and appear negative; a break-up or divorce, death of a loved one, sudden illness, job loss. Whether the change you face is positive or negative, it can evoke anxiety, confusion, frustration, and stress. Change feels disruptive to our routine and stability. It can cause fear and self-doubt within us, even if it's a positive change.


You deserve answers to important questions..and, NOT standard, one-size-fits-all answers. Answers that are unique to you, your situation, your life, your desires, and your issues. Using my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, I will quickly gain insight and answers to your specific questions. I will deliver information that helps you navigate the road ahead.  You will receive guidance on how best to proceed with your current situation. With Divine guidance, the options, opportunities, and choices available to you will be made clear.

Get clarity on how to clear the past and prepare for what's ahead. 

Love, Money, Health, Work, it's all connected.  When one part of your life leaves you feeling lost, it affects every part of your life. Let's uncover what obstacles to avoid, what path to take, even who to include on your journey forward. You deserve that clarity. Bernadette is known as the "psychic to psychics" and "The No B.S. Psychic". She won't tell you what you want to hear, she will only share the truth and practical advice. As a natural-born 4th Generation Psychic, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Bernadette has helped over 40,000 people in 13 countries since 2000.

"I have been doing readings for nearly 10 years. It is very rare for me to get a reading. Before I had a reading with Bernadette, I felt that she could help sharpen my belief system. I am so glad to have had a session with her. Not only did she meet expectations, but she surpassed them. Just a great experience that I recommend for anyone." 


December 2012



(Zoom or Phone Sessions Only)

A Psychic Reading is a sacred process involving Spirit, Bernadette (as the conduit/channel), and you. Bernadette acts as a bridge between you, the physical world, and the Spirit world. Using psychic gifts, Bernadette translates the messages in a practical, useful way. She is well versed in dream interpretation and symbology. Her readings combine ancient wisdom, theology, psychology, and real-world experience.

Unlike other psychic readings, Spirit will guide you to the highest and best timeline in this session. You will be empowered with this session. 

Together we will take whatever you are struggling with and illuminate it, shift it, transform it.


"I had been on a journey of personal growth for some time and was looking for a spiritual coach/mentor that I resonated with but hadn't found anyone yet that I felt got me. Then I was recommended to Bernadette by a friend several months ago and right from the start, I was comfortable with Bernadette's "no fluff" approach and have since done two Akashic Records Readings, the Empath Masterclass, and am currently in Bernadette's Charmed Life group as well. Bernadette's readings are very insightful and along with her online classes that you can do at your own pace and the weekly mentorship calls, I feel I am completely supported and moving forward towards a better understanding of myself. I would highly recommend working with Bernadette if you are also on a path of personal growth and need a trusted guide to support you too." 


September 2020

Akashic Reader Bernadette



Your Divine Nature is unique to you. Understanding your Divine Soul Purpose allows you to align with your true nature and manifest abundance on all levels. 

During an Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing Session, we look at your Soul’s blueprint at origination to know exactly what your Divine Gifts are. We also discover any past life choices that are creating a struggle for you in this lifetime. Whether you are having blocks with success, money, relationships, or chronic health issues, the solution to break through them can be found within the Akashic Records.

These sessions are invaluable for understanding your life and gaining clarity for the future. Once you schedule, Bernadette will spend 90 minutes accessing your Akashic Records and clearing the past life issues. After it's complete she will deliver the information to you in a 60-minute, recorded, zoom reading. To fully integrate the clearing, you will be given prayers to complete for 21 days. 

The Akashic Records are the vast records from all of your past lives. Your initial session identifies your Soul Blueprint and up to 3 main obstacles or blocks you are currently struggling with. 

Once you've had your initial blueprint completed, you can address other issues in future sessions.

For a Business Akashic Reading, Manifesting Blueprint, Level 2 Clearing or Property Clearing,

Due to limited availability of sessions please EMAIL for information or times not available.


"Bernadette is the real deal!!! Very gifted intuitive, channel, medium, coach, but above all a genuinely sweet soul! The combination of her life experience and spiritual gifts make a powerful combination. She tells it like it is, with heart, so time with her is very well spent, and you always walk away with good advice and an action plan. Bernadette is at the TOP of my spiritual adviser list!


November 2019




Program your day for success, clear your energy, plus 3 Guided MP3 meditations.