Dear Empath,

As a fellow empath, I know how burdensome life is with the "gift" of feeling everybody's energy. I know it can feel like a "curse". When the energy of others is happy it's GREAT! But when the energy of others is negative or lower in the vibrational frequency field, it's DEBILITATING.

Did you know that you can learn how to rise above it? Empathic gifts are meant to be tuned into Clairsentience or clear sensing. Unfortunately, most empaths don't know where the energy is originating, they just know they feel it. Empaths tend to ABSORB the energy and emotions of others as if it's their own. They even try to process it through their own bodies. Doing so creates an endless loop of rollercoaster emotions and exhaustion.

Isn't it time to gain control of your life, have the power to quickly discharge negative vibes and have the FREEDOM to go wherever you want without feeling drained? 

Then please join us.... 


      • Gain control of the GIFT of being a Creator Empath.
      • Observe not Absorb other peoples energy.
      • Create Healthy Boundaries for Empaths
      • Shield and Protect yourself from lower vibrational energy
      • Discharge & Clear unwanted energy quickly, sealing any openings in your energetic field.
      • Tools for maintaining your energy, personal space,  peace, and sanity.
      • Consciously Choose to Minimize and Maximize of your energy
      • Tune Your Empathic gifts into Clairsentience (clear sensing)
      • Recognize & Avoid Unhealthy Partners, One-sided Relationships, and Narcissists, (Empaths exact opposite)
      • Layered Shielding Meditation


      1. How To Deal With Narcissists & Gaslighting 

      2. Understand The Narcissist Brain & The Safety Room 

      3. The  2017 Empowered Empath Masterclass 

      4. Boundaries: Inner/Outer Circle training 

      5. Cube of Space meditation teaches you where energy and information are coming from.  (only taught in the Psychic Development Course & Charmed Life Masters)

You get IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE PROGRAM, and the training is Yours to keep and review as many times as you want. 


ENROLL NOW - $27 Holiday Sale Today Only (Reg $147)



"I have been working with Bernadette over 12 years and she has always guided me while at the same time helping me realize I have the answers but I just needed to understand how to access my own abilities. I have always known that my relationship to others and the world around me was different from experiences of others but I didn’t understand why and I didn’t understand how to channel it. The Empath Masterclass answered the why and the how to. I feel much stronger and now have some tools to direct my thoughts to work for the highest good in my life."

Janet Kelly

"I took the Empathic Gift class that Bernadette offers and I learned so much! After the class I now have a better understanding of how to shield myself from other energies and how to cleanse myself once I’ve been drained. I learned how to determine if an energy I am picking up is my own or from another. Most importantly I have a much better overall understanding of the gift that being an Empath is, where it comes from. and why I have it. Bernadette’s style of teaching fits an Empathic learner, meaning that, as an Empath myself, I know when someone is a fake and full of crap. Bernadette is real, she is honest, she takes the time to reply to all questions asked, and KNOWS HER STUFF!! I’m super excited to take additional classes! I’ve also done a personal reading with Bernadette, and I can say without hesitation, she is a huge part of changing my life. Her gifted abilities are undeniably legitimate and and quite fascinating!!"

Lisa Self Campbell

"Last Tuesday I attended the Empowered Empath Masterclass. I have been an Empath my entire life, and everything I could find online about being an empath said I should never shield and always allow people to connect to my energies. I found this very draining and eventaully I became agoraphobic, so much so it is a diagnosis given by my psychologist. Just the thought of leaving my house was enough to make me cranky with everyone around me. I used to only leave the house to go to the store for food or to the library very close to my house as it's never crowded and always quiet and I could only do so with my partner there with me. Bernadette taught me how to shield myself when I need to and also how to project my own energies so that people will keep their distance from me so I am not crowded and overwhelemed by their emotions or their clear lack of personal boundries. She also taught me how to open myself should I need to allow my partner to connect to me or should I feel that I hace healing energies to offer someone close to me. With all this she also taught me how to summon my spiritual sword so that I may cut those cords when they no longer need to be used, and how to cut the cords of people who have attached in my past that are draining me. It's only been a week but I'm able to get out and around people more and I don't feel like I've just been through a train wreck when I return home. I even attended a street fair not long ago and had fun! I still have my partner with me, but now it's for company and not to have someone to protect me (from things they couldn't protect me from anyway). I would highly recommend you take this class if you are an Empath. If you aren't sure if you are an Empath she has a video to explain that too right at the top of her page"

Gabrielle Cebula

"I attended Bernadette's Empath Masterclass. For many months now, I have been struggling with something I did not completely understand. I knew I was empathic but I didn't know it would grow and become something else, something more. Bernadette gave me the tools that have made me feel like me again! Thank you Bernadette!"

Anthony Santosusso

"This class is just what the doctor ordered. As an empath I have continually struggled with shielding and understanding what options were there to help with clearing others energies as well. Bernadette is truly an angel and is THE answer I’ve been searching for. She’s so honest, authentic and giving. I’m so thankful to have found her."

Jeannine Self

"I was born an empath, but grew up in a spiritual home, so I thought it was normal. When I was a teenager I was involved in a meditation class, We also did a prayer circle. I took on every emotion and illness, and was told later that I was taking on everyone’s emotions and feelings and health. I was only told that I was a sponge. It was years later that I understood I was an empath, and it made so much sense. Unfortunately, I lost myself in a 25 yr. marriage to a narcissist, and lost all my gifts. Bernadette has brought me back to center, and given me back my hope and faith. If you are an empath, please take this course. Love and prayers to you all. "

Kathy Ann Taylor

I remember the years spent not being able to go into crowded malls, theatres, concerts or family gatherings. Anywhere a group gathered, I immediately felt anxious and overwhelmed. Once I learned how to properly protect myself from the onslaught of energy, I was able to resume those activities.

Aloha! I'm Bernadette, a Spiritual Mentor & Teacher with Natural born Psychic Gifts. I've been transforming lives professionally since the year 2000.

I’m best known for my practical approach of providing tools for transformation in a powerful way.  I love teaching tools and skills that create profound shifts and easy-to-apply solutions to everyday issues in life.

My passion is empowering emotionally sensitive people and empaths like you to find a deeper understanding of themselves and to empower them to live a CONFIDENT, HAPPY, life that is full of all the things they desire.

Many have asked for a class for Empaths that will provide the understanding, tools and techniques for navigating life with this gift. The Empowered Empath is a 3 Hour Masterclass with added training, bonuses that will teach you the fundamentals of tuning your empathic gift. ~Bernadette


It's absolutely imperative for your surival to learn how to shield yourself. While you won't be immune from feeling the energy, you will be able to recognize and discharge the energy quickly. 


Your empathic abilities allow you to connect deeper than most people. You have a natural ability to feel the energetic frequency of  people, places, even objects. As you tune your empathic awareness, and increase your understanding of it, you will experience the gift's blessing.


Empaths are emotional sponges, absorbing both positive and negative energies...

The daily challenges emotionally sensitive people and empaths face include:

  • Absorbing the emotions and energy from others.
  • Overwhelm & Overstimulation caused by sensory overload.
  • Loneliness and self-imposed isolation to protect oneself. 
  • Weak boundaries or the inability to create/enforce healthy boundaries.
  • Feeling used by others. Empaths tend to attract broken, needy, unhealthy relationships. 
  • Anxiety & depression are common due to heightened emotional sensitivities.

While there are many challenges, there are many blessings too. Empaths are needed to bring connection, wholeness and emotional expression to the forefront of society. Empaths are:

  • Creatives, artists, dreamers, inventive.
  • Lovers of nature, animals, life.
  • Caring, kind, compassionate souls.
  • Excellent listeners, healers, nurturers.
  • Truth tellers, truth seekers that are honest & trustworthy.
  • Natural intuitives & lie detectors.


ENROLL NOW - $27 Holiday Sale Today Only (Reg $147)

"I signed up for the Empath Master Class some time ago as I was curious to see if I was in fact an Empath or not.  

Bernadette gives a good overview of the different energy levels starting from low to higher vibration. She also shows the importance of achieving and maintaining a higher vibration. She also gives a number of different instructions on how to protect your own energy field from energy vampires.  You are able to go back and review this video as many times as needed.

I have found Bernadette's program to be very helpful and full of practical practices.  I now have a better understanding of energy fields and of energy itself. 

Signing up for the Empath Master Class has been one of the better decisions that I have made for the betterment of my spiritual practice."


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