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The first step in developing Spiritual Intelligence is knowing your values and priorities. Gain clarity to make decisions and take committed action that aligns to your highest-level self. Discovering and choosing your values will improve the results you get in the life areas that are  most important to you. They determine how you spend your time and where you put your focus.

Fulfill Your Mission, Create Healthy Relationships, Elevate Your Income, and Make an Impact Without Sacrificing Your Values.

Achieving success, making money, reaching goals was my focus until I hit burnout. Not only was I exhausted, nothing I was doing felt meaningful on a deep level. I craved a deeper connection to myself and others. I wanted to align to my Zone of Genius, Spiritual Intelligence to help others. So I quit corporate and revolutionized how I was living my life and doing business, that was over 25 years ago.

Transpersonal Leadership will revolutionize the way we live and do business. The profit-first model has proven to be unsustainable on a global scale. It not only adversly affects our environment but the very core of what makes us human.

The world has changed, technology has advanced, and a higher-level awareness is calling humanity to evolve and embrace an integrated approach to life and business. The next generation of leaders will create solutions that are sustainable and in harmony with all of life.

How do we make that leap?

Value-Based Leadership Through Conscious Self-Mastery Creates Change & Deep Fulfillment

In the past IQ was regarded as the most important factor in creating solutions. In recent years, the understanding of EQ or Emotional Intelligence in the role of sustainable leadership and solutions has risen. Both have led to the next step in human evolution, SQ or Spiritual Intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is needed to create coherence, the unifying force of all intelligence. Developing SQ means we live by higher values, led by a higher self-expression. Spiritual Intelligence creates a practical framework for living a unified, meaningful life, healthy relationships, and sustainable business models.

SQ combines IQ, EQ, and Intuitive Intelligence, once developed, creates and enhances conscious self-mastery.

Do you feel like something is missing in your life, career, or business

Deep transformation that creates practical and profound solutions to everyday issues of the heart, mind, and soul is available.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities available for your expansion?

Bernadette Gold guides leaders, and high-achievers to breakthroughs that create insights leading to quantum leaps in health, happiness, and prosperity. 

Since 2000 Bernadette has helped over 40,000 clients clear old wounds, beliefs and trauma, develop their Spiritual Intelligence to create a new way of living that leads to elevated income, increased impact, and fulfillment in all areas of life.


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 "Bernadette is a beautiful soul, wise beyond her years, an extraordinary life coach and a life-transforming empowerment coach. In a matter of weeks, she was able to promote my healing, healing what psychologists, psychiatrists and LCSW therapists couldn’t heal for decades – they just put bandaids on my metaphorical gushing wounds. I guarantee you Bernadette will provide you the tools not only for healing but for overcoming any obstacle/challenge you might face, be it financial, emotional, spiritual, mental or physical. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life."

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Applied knowledge is wisdom. 

"I was amazed at all the information Bernadette found and cleared during my recent akashic record reading. It was a unique one right from the start. Everything she explained was detailed and explained in a way I understood. It touched upon everything I had gone through that has affected the way I am now. She went beyond what was expected, answering questions I didn’t know to ask. I am still feeling the healing happening. Each day as I reflect on the session, the prayers and homework, I feel my energy center getting stronger. I feel like she has put my life back on the soul path it should have been on. Thank you, Bernadette, for being a truly gifted guide."