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Welcome to a Transformative Journey with Bernadette Gold

You're not here by accident. You're here because you're ready for change—a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional coaching and healing modalities.

Hello, I am Bernadette Gold, Author, Teacher and your go-to high-performance and personal development coach with an impressive track record spanning 25 years. But my holistic expertise doesn't stop there; as an alternative health practitioner, I offer a 360-degree solution to a healthy, balanced, and high-performing life.

  • Holistic Approach to Achieving Your Next Level
  • Master High Level Manifesting to become a Conscious Leader
  • PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Past Trauma Resolution Coaching
  • Certified High Performance Coaching
  • Personal and Spiritual  Growth Programs Tailored to Your Unique Goals in all aspects of Life, Relationships, Career and Health
  • Biomagnetic Pair Therapy for Optimized Health & Healing

Multi-Dimensional Expertise

Emotional Intelligence and Intuitive Intelligence: Master the art of self-management, enhance your relationships, and make sharper decisions guided by your intuitive intelligence.

Holistic Health and Biomagnetism Therapy: Tear down hidden barriers to your well-being and achieve optimal health through alternative healing modalities. 

 25+ Years of Empowering Leaders and Visionaries
Business/Entrepreneurship:  I've worked closely with top-tier professionals, I understand the unique demands and pressures you face. My approach is tailored to help you reach new vistas of success and elevate corporate culture, while also fostering personal and spiritual growth. This unique blend of business acumen and transformative coaching has enabled me to empower my clients in achieving extraordinary results, both professionally and personally.

What Sets Me Apart

My approach is unique—it's a seamless blend of mind and body. Whether it's breaking through mental barriers, gently healing emotional traumas, or exploring holistic avenues for physical well-being, I guide you through a tailored strategy designed for balanced growth and unparalleled success.

Why Choose This Journey with Bernadette Gold?

This isn't just another self-help website or a place to find quick-fix solutions. You're stepping into an expansive realm of holistic high performance, where mind, body, and spirit converge for balanced growth and success. Achieving your next level of growth in life, finances, or your career in a sustainable way that keeps you in your Highest Level Self is now possible. Are you ready to explore a spectrum of intelligence and well-being rarely tapped into? Your transformative journey of discovery and learning begins right here, right now.


Unleash Unprecedented Performance by Mastering the Four Cornerstones

Reaching new heights in your life, career, or financial well-being is more intricate than a mere infusion of hard work or talent. It's an art that requires a sophisticated blend of mindset, behavior, habits, and adeptness to reprogram your mind for next-level growth. Each new summit you seek mandates a refined and re-equipped you—empowered with expanded skill sets and wisdom. But let's not forget, an edifice of success is never built on a one-legged stool.

When Mind, Body, and Spirit Are Not in Sync

High achievers often stumble upon a plateau, their progress halted not by lack of effort but by an imbalance in their approach. They may scale career ladders while their health deteriorates, or amass wealth at the expense of meaningful relationships. The result? A nagging emptiness that achievement alone can't fill.

A Holistic Approach for Sustainable Success

Your success should make you feel more alive, not drained. This can only be attained through a harmonious balance in physical health, mental sharpness, and emotional well-being. When you align yourself with your Highest Level Self, you unlock not just the wisdom and power to control your destiny, but also the prowess to sustain it. This involves fostering a supportive network, optimizing your physical well-being, and nourishing your emotional landscape.

The Value of Authenticity and Fulfillment

Achieving high performance isn't merely about hitting targets; it's about enriching your life in a fulfilling, meaningful manner. That's the essence of true success—a life where each compartment, be it your relationships, health, or mission, is not just functioning but thriving. A life where you are not just succeeding, but also genuinely thriving, in alignment with your deepest self.

"I am so grateful that I am able to work with Bernadette and I finally see progress and hope with myself. Having worked with a "standard" counselor for over four years, I felt like my progress was minimal and I wasn't getting what I needed. I decided to meet with Bernadette to see how she would be able to help me and after my first session with her I felt so much relief as I finally found someone who understands me and is genuinely interested in helping and working with me. I've made more progress with Bernadette in a couple months than I have in years with other counselors."  


Lindsey H.
Human Resources


Janet Kelly
Director of Operations


"I've had the pleasure of working with Bernadette for the past 20+ years. From day 1 she stressed I have the power to create the life I want. She is Right! My life has become one miracle after another. I can't put into words how much it has changed. Working with Bernadette was the best decision of my life!"

"My life has totally transformed into a positive. Ever since I started Charmed Life magical things started happening. I got my car fixed for free, manifested a baby girl (mom to 5 wanted a girl), and increased my savings substantially. The money I never had just started flowing to me in miraculous ways. My other car died and I expected it to be fixed for under $300. Guess what? I only paid $17 to fix it! On top of that, I got a check for $1300! I’ve also learned to put myself first and love myself, something I never did before. Charmed life has opened my eyes to a whole new world, a world full of unlimited possibilities. I’m excited about the future and excited to create more!"

Bobbi Kue

12702 Toepperwein Road Suite 246 Live Oak, TX 78233


Brenda Lor
Coding Research Specialist

"In my short time in charmed life, I've made significant changes. I am loving myself, setting stronger boundaries, understanding that I am the creator of my life and consciously manifesting. I manifested a job promotion and with your guidance I was able to maneuver around my egotistical doubts that continued to come on a daily basis. It's even the small things that I'm starting to notice that makes life so magical- like me manifesting for close parking spots EVERY single time I go to the store; it never disappoints or me manifesting a solution to my car that was hit and run. I've learned that our thoughts are very powerful and that if you believe you are worthy, the universe will say yes. I witnessed it first hand when negotiating for my pay. What I thought I was worth, I received it; even the HR lady was shocked that the manager was willing to give me above average. I am thankful to be in Charmed Life and I cannot wait to continue to peel off the layers and continue to grow and live a truly magical charmed life."

"Bernadette’s coaching is more than just a regular coaching session, it’s an entire experience. She quickly puts you at ease and hones in on the real issues that you need to work on. Her specialty in Spiritual Intelligence makes your coaching journey unique and takes you deep, to the root causes, leading you to powerful insights and realisations that can be life-changing. Thank you Bernadette."

Stefano Palumbo Executive Coach

Wen Hsu
Engineering Leader | Career & Executive Coach For Introverted Leaders

"It's evident to me that Bernadette is gifted in connecting with people, identifying the pain points in others, and removing these blocks effortlessly. I had only 1 session with Bernadette and walked away with better clarity and the excitement to see what I didn't think possible. I would highly recommend working with Bernadette if you want to achieve what you don't even know is possible!"