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Hello and welcome to the path of ENCHANTED PROSPERITY.


Bernadette Gold is a Wealth Activator, Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, and Consciousness Leader, facilitating rapid breakthroughs in consciousness that lead to quantum income leaps. Her mission is to transform the lives of savvy, successful, high-achieving  Transformational Leaders, Change Agents, Entrepreneurs, Executives, and CEOs by imprinting and activating a new energetic paradigm that leads to elevated income, increased impact, and fulfillment in their lives.

Bernadette has helped tens of thousands of clients worldwide since 2000, and has been a successful entrepreneur since 1998. She has never settled for the ordinary. She demands excellence in work, life and has created an extraordinary life for herself and her clients.

Sarvatva Healing™ is an original healing modality to bring “wholeness, completeness, totality” to the mental, emotional and physical bodies, using a combination of psychology, spirituality, and energy to create rapid transformational shifts.

"We live in an INFINITE, BENEVOLENT UNIVERSE where everything you want is already here. You just need to align to your highest level frequency to fully express it. I’m best known for my no-b.s. approach to simplifying spiritual principles, delivering tools, and energetic keys for transformation in a powerful way that creates practical and profound solutions to everyday issues of the heart, mind, and soul. I'm so glad you were guided here, I invite you to explore the possibilities available for your expansion.” -Bernadette



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 "Bernadette is a beautiful soul, wise beyond her years, an extraordinary life coach and a life-transforming empowerment coach. In a matter of weeks, she was able to promote my healing, healing what psychologists, psychiatrists and LCSW therapists couldn’t heal for decades – they just put bandaids on my metaphorical gushing wounds. I guarantee you Bernadette will provide you the tools not only for healing but for overcoming any obstacle/challenge you might face, be it financial, emotional, spiritual, mental or physical. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life."

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"I was amazed at all the information Bernadette found and cleared during my recent akashic record reading. It was a unique one right from the start. Everything she explained was detailed and explained in a way I understood. It touched upon everything I had gone through that has affected the way I am now. She went beyond what was expected, answering questions I didn’t know to ask. I am still feeling the healing happening. Each day as I reflect on the session, the prayers and homework, I feel my energy center getting stronger. I feel like she has put my life back on the soul path it should have been on. Thank you, Bernadette, for being a truly gifted guide."

My Mission

My soul mission is to assist others in reconnecting to their Higher Self, their Divine Soul Blueprint. Within the Soul Blueprint and connection to Higher Self, we unlock intuition and connect to Infinite Intelligence and the Field of Infinite Possibilities.


How do we reconnect?

By removing the deeply embedded programs that block Divine Truth and Wisdom, we can embody higher frequency energies, thoughts, and behaviors. Before awakening to Divine Truth, the fact that we are Divine Creator Beings, we live unconsciously from the ego programs.


Ego is so much more than simple arrogance, pride, flattery, and selfishness. Ego is the “veil of illusion” that creates the separation consciousness, the forgetting that we are Divine. It acts as a thick filter, colored by past traumas, disappointments, hurts, and even historical events, embedded into our genetics. Science has proven that historical trauma experienced by ancestors is passed down through DNA.


The Law of One states that we are all part of the One Creator Substance, God. All originate from the One; therefore, we are all One. There is no separation except in perception from Ego illusions that blind us from the truth.


Removing the ego filters that block love, joy, clarity, health, wealth, right relationship, and understanding of purpose allows for the flow of abundance in all things.


It is your Divine Birthright to have an unlimited supply of money, joy, experience…


Once the ego programs of fear, scarcity, insecurity, and limitation are removed, you can align to the Source of Your Supply – the Divine Source of all things.


How long does it take?

Unlike traditional therapies that focus on symptoms, we will address all mental, emotional, or physical blocks holistically or wholly. Timing differs with each individual, as we are all unique, having had varied experiences.


Some deeply held traumas embed into the body, mind, and emotions. There is no need for re-traumatizing, only to bring to consciousness the programs, beliefs, and survival strategies still operating at an unconscious level.


Once hidden, unconscious programs come to consciousness, they can be released quickly. The next step is to replace those disruptive, limiting programs with beliefs and energy that connect you to the higher frequencies.


Then the real YOU can emerge, fully self-expressed, empowered, and guided by Higher Self intuition.


I have been blessed by Infinite Creator with new healing energy frequencies, and light code activations that create quantum shifts. These new healing energies clear and release old energies quickly, followed by activations that raise your frequency. Once your energy frequency is higher, you can manifest much faster, access your intuitive guidance, and spiritual gifts with greater clarity.

If this resonates with you, you have likely been guided here to do this work.

I'm honored to be of service,