The Crooked Path To A Charmed Life

A Clairvoyant Medium's Journey To Embracing Her Spiritual Gifts


Listen to a sample of Chapter 21 - The stories of healing a client of negative entities and the chapter of murder investigations (but you'll have to wait for the full audiobook release for that one).


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About The Book:

Embark on the 50+ year journey of a clairvoyant medium as she wades through the confusion of religious programming, fighting demons, embracing angels, battling depression, and so much more in her journey to awakening. In this memoir, Bernadette Gold brings the reader on her journey from an empathic outcast to becoming a powerful psychic, healer, and spiritual teacher. Few spiritual books address the “Dark night of the soul,” a common experience for those who have an awakening. The Crooked Path To A Charmed Life dives deep into the difficult aspects of being sensitive, addressing real-life experiences for those on a spiritual path.


This spiritual memoir is a must-read book for empaths, highly sensitive people, and those who are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening. Bernadette Gold imparts the wisdom and knowledge she learned on her path. Without the support of a teacher, prior to the age of the internet, before books were made publicly available about spiritual awakening, she was left to forge her own path. Her path to channeling spirit, angels, and those who have crossed over, provided an initiation into the subtle realms. Filled with harrowing encounters, this story takes the reader on the author's journey through healing her childhood wounds and trauma, relationship abuse, and overcoming cancer, finally experiencing wholeness, and personal empowerment.


The Crooked Path To A Charmed Life guides the reader through what she learned about:

  • Being Empathic - Boundaries and Discernment to empower the empath and HSP
  • Developing Your Intuition, Psychic and Healing Gifts
  • Communication with Angels and Spirit Guides to Connect with Your Higher Self Beyond Ego
  • Mediumship - The dark side of working on missing person cases, and murder investigations.
  • Psychic and Spiritual Self Defense - Clearing negative energies, entities, and demonic activity
  • Spiritual Warfare - Navigating the subtle realms and understand the spiritual hierarchies.
  • Manifesting Abundance - Working With Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction
  • Heal Your Past - Self-help for healing Self-Esteem, Depression, and Anxiety
  • Connection with God, Source Energy - healing religious programming and dogma
  • Tools and tips for personal transformation and spiritual growth


The Crooked Path To A Charmed Life is a real-life account of overcoming abuse, initiation into the spiritual realm, and personal transformation.

Praise for The Crooked Path To A Charmed Life:

Bernadette Gold’s A Crooked Path to a Charmed Life is worth its weight in gold to those of us who have had to navigate our own way to find self-acceptance, purpose, and a deeper connection with spirit.  Brutally honest and revealing, it inspires empaths and sensitives to embrace and enhance their gifts while avoiding the pitfalls of negative relationships and dogma. She shares a path of healing, redemption, and success that we all may aspire to.  — Rev. Dr. Victor Fuhrman

It makes the Christian faith valid, but more importantly, shows that God is SO MUCH BIGGER than religion teaches. It resonated with me so much, and it will hit with countless Christians who love Jesus but also are gifted, and probably confused. If I found this book when I was a teenager it might have saved me a lot of heartaches." – Megan Flanagan

A fast-paced page-turner that you can't put down! She learned some hard lessons and overcame great obstacles. Achieving great success as a result. I was riveted! – Angela Capwell

This is a must-read for all Empaths! I enjoyed the book, definitely, no other books like this are out there. For this reason, I could not put this down, I found a sense of peace in a world where I felt so alone. Grateful to come across this powerful book. Thank you for sharing your life! – Cindy Thompson



Book Background

Over the course of 7 years, dozens of edits, and 50+ years of intense experience, I'm very happy the book is done. While it's a tell-all memoir, my hope is that it comforts, inspires, and empowers you.

No matter what you are going through, have gone through, you have the power to CHOOSE a charmed life. 

All my love,



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