A time of Healing

chiron saturn Apr 17, 2018

Chiron the planet of the "wounded healer" in Aries and Saturn Retrograde until September 6th.


Chiron takes 50 years to move through every sign in the zodiac making this a significant time especially if you are in your late 40s or 50s. You see Chiron reveals both your weaknesses and strength on a deep level. But it not only reveals that, it guides you to the therapy, modality or healer needed to heal past wounds and traumas. Truly it’s a time to release your ‘demons’.

With this transit it’s time to learn how to overcome the challenges and hurts that caused you to suppress your voice. It’s time to learn how to self-express in a healthy way. Isn’t it interesting that at a time when intuition is heightened, the planets are aligning to allow us to tap into our Divine Self-Expression. Chiron wants to help you be yourself in a big, big, authentic way.

I’m super excited to see the breakthroughs happen with you. I would love, love, love to...

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The Wisdom of The Heart

Too many times we worry more about what we put into our mouths that our bodies must digest and don't worry half as much about the purity of what comes out of our mouths. In silence we gain understanding and wisdom. In right speech and action from the heart, we send out waves of empowerment.

An old Jewish proverb says, “Because we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, we should listen twice as much as we speak”. 

Listen and speak from your heart, for the heart never lies. Our minds get cluttered and hooked by the Ego. The heart is home of Spirit and truth. When words are from the heart, it conveys wisdom, brings peace and creates understanding. When the mind becomes attached to it's opinions or beliefs, the words spoken creates a discomfort, conflict or even clenching of the stomach.

Listen closely to your intuition, or to the heart of the matter. Let your words uplift, instruct and empower. It is the heart that knows the truth and radiates light.

The Tao Te...

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