Make Your Dreams Come True in 2022

Jan 12, 2022
manifestation and law of attraction


Want to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true in 2022 without stressing yourself out or stretching yourself too thin?


Don’t count on simply using the Law of Attraction or a Vision Board to make it happen.


Basic teachings on Law of Attraction say that you can visualize what you want and attract it to you.




As a veteran Manifesting Master since 1995 I’ve seen it and tried it all. Let’s cover the basics first.


Law of Attraction is based on the belief that thoughts are a form of energy and that positive energy attracts success in all areas of life, including health, finances, and relationships.


Law of Attraction is only ONE of the many Universal Laws that govern our lives.


Manifestation is bringing into physical form that which is the result of cause and effect, driven by thoughts, emotions and actions.




There are two ways to manifest.


  1. By Default: Most people are not consciously aware or in control of their thoughts, feelings and actions. When unconscious, beliefs, programs and old patterns formed in childhood create mental and emotional reactions that drive action. Unfortunately unconscious beliefs and programs are usually fear-based and negative. (Until you do deep work to change it)
  2. Intentionally: The best way to manifest what you want versus what you don’t want, is to be in control of your thoughts, emotions and actions. When you are clear on what you are focused on in the present moment, you have the capacity to intentionally manifest your desired outcomes.


Law of Attraction teachings and vision boards don’t work if you have beliefs and programs that conflict with deserving what you want or feeling worthy of it.


Additionally, you CAN’T attract ease if you believe things have to be hard.  (I could say a lot about that…)


Visualization is a step in the process manifestation, but it won’t work as a standalone technique. If there's a disconnect in your emotion and thoughts coming from fear or lack, it's not going to work. (HINT: Most people are manifesting from lack)


If you want to consistently create opportunities that will allow you to achieve your goals and dreams with ease, you need to remove and reprogram negative beliefs, hidden blocks, fears and past traumas.




Clear the emotional energy or reaction tied to those things. (I have a few proven techniques to release the emotions without re-traumatizing you.)


Finally, you need to know and align to all the Universal Laws governing life. Once you are fully in alignment, things manifest consistently and quickly.


Back in my early days of experimenting with intentional manifesting in the 90s (Before Google and YouTube) I had to learn by trial and error. I knew I had unprocessed trauma, childhood abuse, big fears about success, and having an abundance of money. It took years of study to master my mind and emotions so I could create the life I wanted consistently. Using tools to reframe ego blocks and negative thoughts or reactions took my ability to manifest consciously to a high level of mastery.


Here are the steps I follow to make my dreams a reality:


  1. Commit to what I want to create and be willing to do what it takes to have it.
  2. Make sure I’ve discharged any negative beliefs, programs or emotions that will block or sabotage my results.
  3. Write down exactly what I want and speak to someone I trust that will hold that goal/dream sacred and not talk me out of it.
  4. Get clear on what I will feel once it’s accomplished.
  5. Take the first action step that moves me toward achieving it.
  6. Say yes to the opportunities and promptings from intuition that align to it.
  7. If it is taking too much time or feels stressful, I go back to step 2 and start over.


Watch for a new upcoming video on how I manifested $25k and my dream yacht to live on in under 2 weeks back in 1998 and How I manifested $10k from a total stranger to pursue my singing/songwriting dream.


One of our newest Charmed Life Masters Brenda shared this…


In my short time in Charmed Life, I've made significant changes. I am loving myself, setting stronger boundaries, understanding that I am the creator of my life and consciously manifesting. I manifested a job promotion and with your guidance I was able to maneuver around my egotistical doubts that continued to come on a daily basis. It's even the small things that I'm starting to notice that makes life so magical- like me manifesting for close parking spots EVERY single time I go to the store; it never disappoints or me manifesting a solution to my car that was hit and run. I've learned that our thoughts are very powerful and that if you believe you are worthy, the universe will say yes. I witnessed it firsthand when negotiating for my pay. What I thought I was worth, I received it; even the HR lady was shocked that the manager was willing to give me above average. I am thankful to be in Charmed Life and I cannot wait to continue to peel off the layers and continue to grow and live a truly magical charmed life.


If you want to achieve your goals like Brenda did, and do it with absolute joy and miracles, let’s chat.


Find out how I can help you. 


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