The True Story of a Modern Psychic - Clairvoyant Medium Bernadette Gold Reveals How She Embraced Her Spiritual Gifts in New Memoir: 'The Crooked Path to a Charmed Life'


SAN ANTONIOOct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Author and medium Bernadette Gold announced the release of her memoir, revealing personal details of a 50-year journey as a clairvoyant medium. Gold opens up to discuss the chaos and confusion of depression, religious programming, and the demons she had to defeat before finally embracing the angels that would help her accept her gift. Describing the journey of awakening one step at a time, Gold shares with readers her evolution from empathic outcast to finally owning her role as a powerful psychic, healer, and spiritual teacher. "The Crooked Path to a Charmed Life" is available for purchase via AmazonTarget, and Barnes & Noble.

Synopsis: A must-read spiritual memoir for other empaths, clairvoyants, and those who are experiencing a "Spiritual Awakening," Bernadette Gold imparts the wisdom and knowledge she learned on her path without the support of a teacher. Prior to the Internet and the availability of dozens of books detailing the lives of modern psychics like John Edward, Miss Cleo, or Sylvia Browne, sensitive mediums like Gold were forced to find their own way and forge their own paths. Her journey to channeling spirit, angels, and those who have crossed over can help provide an initiation into the subtle realms for those walking a similar road. Filled with harrowing encounters of the Beyond, this story takes the reader on a poignant transformation through the healing of childhood wounds and trauma, relationship abuse, and overcoming cancer. Before finally delivering a fully awakened soul into wholeness and personal empowerment.

Readers can discover what Gold has learned about:

  • Being Empathic: Boundaries and discernment to empower the empath and HSP.
  • Developing Intuition: Psychic and healing gifts.
  • Communication with Angels and Spirit Guides: Connect with the Higher Self, beyond ego.
  • Mediumship: The dark side of working on a missing-person case and murder investigations.
  • Psychic and Spiritual Self Defense: Clearing negative energies, entities, and demonic activity.
  • Spiritual Warfare: Navigating the subtle realms and understanding spiritual hierarchies.
  • Connect with God-Source Energy for Healing: Healing self-esteem, depression, and anxiety; dissolving dogma and erasing religious programming.
  • Other tools and tips for personal transformation and spiritual growth.

"Growing up in the late 60s, psychic gifts were not embraced," said Gold. "I had no idea I was an empath until I was 30. This book is for those who are highly sensitive, empathic and have psychic gifts. We've all had to overcome so much in our lives and I know that other sensitives will find value in my story. I've developed a successful approach to coaching spiritual entrepreneurs and professionals, helping them live more aligned, purposeful, and prosperous lives – while impacting others from a high-level mindset. Unlike traditional therapies that focus on symptoms, we address all mental, emotional, or physical blocks holistically or wholly."

To schedule a private session or to receive a copy of Chapter One for guest appearances or interviews, please visit the author's website. For information on upcoming appearances and future projects, follow Bernadette Gold on social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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