Your journey in life and path to growth is unique to you. You will find teachings that support you no matter where you are on the transformational path.

Master Your Empathic Abilities

If you are empathic and get overwhelmed by other people's emotions and the energetic noise in the world, this class is for you. Learn how to shield, minimize/maximize your energy, discharge energy, and discern energies in this masterclass.


Hidden Wisdom Monthly Mentorship

Develop skills and tools to develop your intuition, like Astrology, Numerology, Gene Keys, Tarot and join a Live Coaching Session Monthly where you receive the support and guidance to navigate life, including a Private  community.


SoulFast30 Tame The Ego

Free yourself from self-doubt, low self-worth, and mind chatter in this 30 day program. Gain the wisdom and tools to overcome the voice of the inner critic. The first step to change is self-awareness and consciousness. 


Charmed Life Mastery

Charmed Life Mastery is for TOTAL life transformation. Enrollment is subject to application. All 3 Charmed programs; Charmed Life, Charmed Path and Charmed Money Mastery are by application only. To learn more, apply.


Transformation Bundle

In this powerful set of masterclasses, you will experience a powerful release and clearing of emotions and energies. You gain access to 3 Quantum Sessions, The Empowered Empath Masterclass and Soulfast30 for one low price.


"I took the Empathic Gift class that Bernadette offers and I learned so much! After the class, I now have a better understanding of how to shield myself from other energies and how to cleanse myself once I’ve been drained. I learned how to determine if an energy I am picking up is my own or from another. Most importantly I have a much better overall understanding of the gift that being an Empath is, where it comes from. and why I have it.

Bernadette’s style of teaching fits an Empathic learner, meaning that, as an Empath myself, I know when someone is a fake and full of crap. Bernadette is real, she is honest, she takes the time to reply to all questions asked, and KNOWS HER STUFF!! I’m super excited to take additional classes! I’ve also done a personal reading with Bernadette, and I can say without hesitation, she is a huge part of changing my life. Her gifted abilities are undeniably legitimate and quite fascinating!!"

"I attended a tapping masterclass taught by Bernadette Gold. The session made a huge impact on me in releasing some issues that I had been working on. Bernadette is very skilled in the use of EFT. I highly recommend a private session or even a group class such as this one. She took a lot of time with each person so they could get the maximum benefits from it. Thank you so much Bernadette, I will be attending future classes.



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