Dismantle Imposter Syndrome

personal development Jan 06, 2022

2021 ended with some discomfort, enrolling in a “high level” program for coaches in transition. I was drawn to it because as I was shifting my business model, I was encountering the dreaded imposter syndrome. High-level executives transitioning into new careers as coaches, with PhDs and titles from Corporate, a world I left 25 years ago.


At first, I felt like I didn’t belong in the community because I never went to college, I’m not an ICF certified coach, and have no fancy big five corporations left behind. Then, I began making connections with some of the coaches. Two different coaches in the program said they had imposter syndrome too since starting a new coaching practice, regardless of their corporate achievements.


They kept asking why I joined as I had 22 years of coaching experience, tons of testimonials, and a proven track record. I confessed my imposter syndrome, feeling I needed to stretch myself. I’ve invested in my own coaches and mentors in the last decade, but this was the first time I felt “small.” I just started using LinkedIn this year, wasn’t really focused on it much, they all have amazing resumes on there.


I began to reflect and journal about my experience as a coach, mentor, Spiritual Teacher, and my work history. Why was I feeling so small and dismissing my past accomplishments?


Society taught me that you need a college degree to succeed, yet I climbed the corporate ladder without one. I independently studied psychology, law, philosophy, theology, spirituality, as well as business, marketing, and evolving technology. I have been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years, so why was I comparing myself like apples to oranges? I needed to revisit what makes me qualified and unique.


In our last 2021 Charmed Life Masters coaching session, we individually recognized, gave gratitude, and praised the growth of each powerful woman and how much she changed during the year. As I was bidding everyone a Happy New Year, they asked if they could do the same for me. Two of the women said I saved their lives. One had become agoraphobic prior to joining, she now drives, goes shopping, and to appointments alone. What a great way to end the year, I was moved to tears and reminded of something important.


I’ve kept prayer journals since I started helping others in 2000. At last count, I’ve coached over 100 beautiful souls contemplating suicide, walking them through grief and depression, to find vision and purpose. As a trauma-informed coach, I dedicated myself to gaining knowledge and developed the skills to heal deep trauma in my clients without re-traumatizing them.




For some crazy reason, I was still dismissing my secret sauce -- I’m a badass Clairvoyant Medium!


Using my clairvoyance and clairsentience gifts, I tune in to the heart, mind, and body of my clients, tapping into the root issue causing blocks. Instead of taking years to heal, change and grow, my clients do it in months, giving them the freedom to succeed, repair relationships, and create fulfilling lives.


My coaching skills are constantly evolving as am I, but I have no logical reason to feel like an imposter. I’ve embraced the understanding that every new level we seek to attain will trigger imposter syndrome. Fear of failure and fear of not belonging are simply ego programs meant to keep us in a comfort zone, away from the unknown. It’s normal to experience all of it. I choose to allow not to resist it and move beyond it whenever it strikes.


Have you taken time to look back at your past achievements and experience? Do you give yourself credit for how much of a badass you are? If you haven’t, let this be your cue to sit down and journal about it.


As we enter 2022, let’s do it with full presence and awareness of our BRILLIANCE!!

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