2 Hour Masterclass to immediately relieve your anxiety and depression. You don't have to suffer in silence, help is HERE.



Gain the awareness and tools to break the root cause of your worry, sadness and anxiety.


Heal and clear the energy that is blocking you from having joy, peace and clarity. 


Sadness and worry create a cycle of repetitive action patterns. You will be given tools to break those patterns.  

Want immediate relief from worry, anxiety, depression and stress?

The link between your mental, emotional and physical health has been proven by science. Prolonged mental and emotional stress causes physical pain and illness. Using EFT Emotional Freedom Techniqueâ„¢ or EFT/Tapping, widely accepted by medical communities as a tool for Emotional and Mental Health, you can gain relief NOW!

In This Masterclass You Will Clear Your Blocks tied to:

  • Lack of Money
  • Trust of self and trusting others.
  • Self-worth, Self-Value, Confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Conflict with success
  • Fear of success, fear of responsibility, self-sabotage
  • Being open to receiving love and attracting relationship.


Is Your Brain Wired for Anxiety?

If you experience anxiety for long enough, your brain may become "wired" for it. Once wired, the brain sounds a biological alarm. When anxiety becomes Chronic it causes you to constantly look out for potential threats, even when none exist.

In some cases, people are so used to feeling anxious that they fail to realize there's a problem and think it's normal. Once you accept anxiety as normal, your body and brain adapt and it becomes Chronic. Prolonged anxiety eventually leads to isolation, physical illness and depression.

You don't have to "live with it" any longer. 

Bernadette Dickinson is an experienced Gold Standard EFT™ Practitioner since 2002. She has used it to help clients with PTSD, Chronic Anxiety, Situational Anxiety and all forms of Depression.

In this 2 Hour Masterclass you will learn how to use EFT and directly apply it to your current issues to discharge and stop the emotional, mental and biological flow of anxiety, depression and overwhelm.


Access to the powerful EFT/Tapping Masterclass with Bernadette. This 2 hour session will lead you through several Tapping rounds. While this is a recording from a Live class, you will BENEFIT by tapping along and you can go back and use the tapping again.

  • Immediate Relief from blocks, worry, fear.
  • In this session, we cleared Lack with Money, Trust of self and others, self-worth, confidence, anxiety over getting things done, conflict with success, fear of success, fear of responsibility, self-sabotage and finally being open to receiving love and attracting relationship.
  • Recording that is yours to download and keep.
  • Script to use for tapping on other issues.

Tapping with Bernadette is different, you can feel Divine Energy flowing through you as you participate. 



Tapping into Peace Masterclass



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