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Why Choose Hidden Wisdom Mentorship?

In a world brimming with superficial solutions, Hidden Wisdom stands apart as a sanctuary for deep, meaningful personal growth. For a fraction of the cost of individual classes and coaching, we offer an all-encompassing journey toward self-improvement and enlightenment.

When I was learning how to overcome challenges, use my spiritual gifts, and handle being empathic, I deeply yearned for a teacher and a mentor. I walked this path alone, but you don't have to. 

Your Hidden Wisdom Mentorship Vault gives you access to Live Coaching, Monthly Forecasts, and On-Demand Classes focused on your personal and spiritual growth.


There's new stuff added monthly.

Hi, I'm Bernadette Gold

In Hidden Wisdom, I share my teachings, frameworks, decades of study, messages from Spirit and over 25 years experience helping over 40,000 seekers like you.

It's my mission to empower others to embrace their gifts, take control of their lives and health, live at their highest level, in love. 

Transform your life with unparalleled access to growth and coaching for just $40/month. A value of over $1000 in resources, now within your reach.

In Hidden Wisdom you will belong to a supportive, heart-centered community 

  • Transformational lessons & personal guidance
  • Emotional/Mental Clearing 
  • Powerful Energy Healing For Your Body, Mind & Spirit
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 Monthly Forecasts

Know what's ahead for your sign Fire, Earth, Air & Water

  • Monthly Tarot Forecast
  • Covers Relationships, General Energy, Lessons & Overall Energy For Your Sign
  • Be prepared so you can rise above the energy as the month unfolds
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Live Monthly Coaching, 
On-demand Classes, Ebooks, Meditations

Create a life with more love, more joy, more abundance.

Learn from a Professional Clairvoyant & Master Coach with 25 years of experience

  • Learn How to Manifest Abundance
  • Personal Growth Classes (overcoming ego, self-love, confidence, relationships)
  • Spiritual Teachings for creating balance, abundance, optimal health
  • Learn the Tarot & Numerology
  • Instructions on psychic/energy protection
  • Energy Clearing & Balancing
  • Alternative Health Modalities and more...
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What members are saying...

This mentorship is priceless! It has seriously improved my quality of life, helped me heal old wounds, and pointed me towards another career that I didn't know existed!

Angela Capwell

The mentorship program is like no other. The program addresses all aspects of life from personal growth, financial, spiritual and career progression. This has been one of the most amazing groups I have ever joined. There’s a lot of support in the group and a plethora of resources- podcasts, online videos, books/references available to the community.

Pahoua Lee

"You absolutely can not put a price tag on this mentorship. It has absolutely improved many area's of my life: heal old wounds, traumatic childhood wounds, depression, ego, cut ties on certain things, Grief and the list goes on and on.”

Debbie Ruiz

"This mentorship and teachings have been like a lifeline helping me navigate my life and my ego. It is like the icing on the cake that has given me so much value and wisdom to keep and utilize for years to come."

Angela Moua

"The mentorship program has been awesome for me. It has helped me to work through some difficult situations, and has brought to light many issues that I needed to work on for myself. I am very comfortable with all the members in here as well. Everyone is very supportive and understanding. There is so much information available to us!"

Cindy Thomspon

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Are You Ready to Unlock Your True Potential?

Hidden Wisdom is not just a membership; it's an investment in your future self. For just $40 a month, with no long-term commitment, you gain access to resources and coaching worth over $1000. It's time to step into a life of growth, purpose, and fulfillment.

Join Hidden Wisdom today and start your journey to a more fulfilled, enlightened life.

Your path to transformation and growth is just a click away. Welcome to your new beginning.

**This is a monthly membership program, you can cancel at any time. 


Your Hidden Wisdom Membership Includes:

1. Monthly Forecasts: Begin each month with insights and guidance, setting the tone for your growth and progress. (Yearly forecasts also included)

2. Exclusive Coaching Access: Receive one hour of monthly coaching from an experienced guide. This alone is a game-changer, typically reserved for those who can afford high coaching fees.

3. Monthly Growth Themes: Each month, we dive into a new theme, focusing your learning and development, ensuring that your growth journey is structured and impactful.

4. Self-Paced Growth Classes and Videos: Enjoy the freedom to learn and grow at your own pace with our extensive library of classes and videos, covering a wide range of growth-oriented topics.

5. A Community of Fellow Growth Seekers: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, all on their own paths of growth and self-discovery.

The Hidden Wisdom Difference

  • Cost-Effective Learning: Individually, these classes and coaching sessions would cost over $1000. Hidden Wisdom brings them to you at only $40 per month.
  • Personalized Guidance: Benefit from personalized coaching that helps you navigate your unique growth path.
  • Flexible and Diverse Resources: With a variety of classes and resources, you can tailor your learning experience to your personal needs and interests.
  • Supportive Community: Engage with a community that encourages, supports, and grows with you.