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Charmed Life Transformation


Reg. $2,500

NOW $1,997


  • CHARMED BASIC plus Expanded Lessons & Teaching on Manifesting Money (Including:  Manipulating Time)

  • 52 Weeks Live Coaching

  • Last Year's Coaching Replays.

  • 30 Days to a Charmed Life paperback

  • Charmed Life Bracelet


  • BONUS:
    FREE Private 30 Minute Coaching Session


If you are committed to changing your ENTIRE life, this is the level to choose.


The Masters program is the most comprehensive and transformational program. You become a member for an entire year and receive 52 weeks of Live Coaching and last year's replays. Once your purchase is complete you will have instant access to the course materials and the tools to begin changing your life - for good. Watch Your Email box for the Access information and Welcome Email where your FREE Bonus 1:1 Coaching Session Link is included.

As a Master you can renew for an additional year and at the same price you paid at enrollment. Your guaranteed a locked in membership as well as discounts to live events and other courses.

If you have any questions or aren't sure this program can help you, you can schedule a FREE Q&A call with Bernadette. Just CLICK THIS LINK

What People Are Saying:

“"When I learned that Bernadette had developed a corresponding workshop for her book, 30 Days to a Charmed Life, I jumped at the chance to get even more value from an approach I knew to be effective. And wow - what an amazing experience! The book is a fantastic tool for self-discovery and manifestation, and this workshop takes the whole endeavor to the next level. I've gotten so much out of this workshop, not just results, but a sense of validation and community that comes from working collaboratively in a supportive, committed group with an excellent coach encouraging learning and growth. Anyone looking to empower themselves and be the change they wish to see in their lives needs to complete this workshop! You will see a return on your investment! Thank you so much, "Sensei" Bernadette, for these workshops, and thank you to my fellow workshop attendees as well. It's been an amazing ride and I'm so thankful to have gained the resources we used in this workshop to augment the book."”

A. G.

“A year ago today, I stepped off a plane @ Durango International Airport in Colorado and met the most amazing individual for the first time. Words cannot truly express the appreciation and sincerest love I have for this individual, yet I'll do my best with the English language I have been taught. This person opened her home to me, providing a safe, nurturing, compassionate environment to work through one of the most challenging times in my life ... overcoming clinical and postpartum depression, in addition to making the concrete commitment to be a mother to my beloved son. She welcomed me into her home with no expectations other than my willingness to accept her help to overcome my depression and resolve issues that were blocking me from my life's purpose ... being a loving, functional mother to my beloved son. This individual facilitated my understanding of unconditional love, allowing me to reprogram the learned thought processes that resulted in unrealistic expectations of myself, encouraging self-doubt and self-loathing regarding the circumstances of my life a year ago. She restructured my thinking, teaching me to remove the dichotomy of "good" and "bad" from decisions I had made, understanding life is simply about making choices, and that expectations creates disappointments or what others may perceive as "bad". I have been on a path of self enlightenment for many years (and continue my journey), yet like a string of Christmas lights with a burnt out bulb, until you recognize and correct the disconnection, there will always be a part that remains non-functional. For years I had been searching for the bulb by myself, with the advice of others and without guidance, thinking I had found it numerous times, only to realize it wasn't the defective one. Although this person is the master of finding the missing bulb, she does not find it and replace it for you. She has the patience, diligence, and genuine desire to teach you the process of finding and replacing it yourself. With all of that said, thank you Bernadette Dickinson, with all my heart, for coming into my life when I needed you the most. I am eternally grateful to whatever and/or whomever facilitated our connection in this lifetime. I am blessed to have met you, to continue to know you, and to share the same gifted bloodline as you.”

Bernee Gibo

“The Charmed Life course has made a huge, positive impact in all areas of my life. To become more connected, relaxed and to trust in myself as well as the world around me. I now believe that everything can flow easily. There were many lessons on giving and receiving. A big one for me was to learn to receive, that it's not selfish. Bernadette is an amazing channel and leader for the course. She provides information and messages that are precisely what you need to hear at the time. It will guide you on a smooth path. She is always a reminder to have fun and play. The course helps to uncover deep layers necessary for growth and progress. There is so much value in it. Especially because there are live weekly coaching calls. The course is for anyone that wants increased abundance, to get in touch with spirituality in a greater way, to get more of an understanding of themselves and the Universe, to have better relationships, to improve business, health and well being. The other people in the group are all very supportive, compassionate and energy boosters. I learned that infinite abundance and knowledge is available for everyone. I have endless gratitude to the course and Bernadette. She takes the time to make sure each student gets what they need to succeed. Charmed Life has change my life for the better. ”

Andrea Joy Nussinow

“"Bernadette's program is the most amazing, deepest work I've ever come across. Some of the exercises can be uncomfortable, but they're so important for the overall process of unlocking my full potential. She's there every step of the way to offer suggestions and help when I hit that "brick wall" and am not sure how to proceed. She has an amazing gift that allows her to quickly target fears and cut through my self-imposed layers in order to speed the healing and allow the Universal gifts to flow freely. The format is easy to follow, yet extremely powerful and thought-provoking. I am so grateful for Bernadette and this class!!"”

Joni Alm