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From Bernadette:

In my early twenties I struggled with money, love and my health. I made great money, but it slipped through my fingers. There was never enough paycheck to cover the bills at the end of the month.

Can you relate?

Unfortunately my love life wasn't doing much better. I had amazing men enter my life but I always chose the "bad boys". Not that they were "bad" but they were bad for me. I call those the "lesson boys". 

Once I learned how to work with Universal Laws and the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, everything changed.  That was over 25 years ago..... 

Once YOU learn the Laws of Prosperity and Manifesting, you will create totally predictable results. 

No matter what happens in life, YOU can apply these laws and consciously create the outcomes you want. 

Once you understand the Laws of Prosperity and Universal Law, you CAN have it ALL. 

Once I mastered the Spiritual Principles taught in Tools for Prosperity, I went from struggling to pay the bills to living an abundant, happy, prosperous life over 25 years ago.

Here's just a few things I've manifested:

  • 38' Boat I lived on with my daughter in San Diego (2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms with a tub!)
  • 3200sq ft 5 bedroom/4 bath home on 2+ acres
  • Free Hotel Upgrades, Free vacations
  • Successful Businesses
  • 22' Growing Dome/Greenhouse.... and so much more!

YOU CAN CREATE PROSPERITY WITH EASE when you know how to do it. Through lots of study, trial and error as well as success and failure, I mastered it.  I studied for years before I understood how to create flow. Let me teach you the tools to create your own prosperity.



  • The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity
  • How to Consciously Manifest Money & Opportunities using the Universal Laws of Prosperity
  • How to Tap into Divine Supply
  • Easy-to-use tools to create prosperity with ease and flow
  • How to release your blocks to prosperity & abundance
  • How to change and reprogram your brain and money beliefs both conscious and unconscious
  • How to raise your prosperity vibration setpoint so you will ALLOW more (your prosperity ceiling)
  • Meditations that calm your mind, raise your vibe and magnetize your desires to you. 

Sounds amazing right? 

It is!!

But, like anything else in life, IT ONLY WORKS IF:

  • You are willing to learn 
  • You apply what you learn
  • You are consistent with using the tools

Tools for Prosperity & Abundance will empower you to:

Allow more prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life.

Become a Master Manifestor and consciously create your life, desires as well as outcomes. 

Create a life of joy, peace, prosperity and abundance in all things.

Live in alignment with the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity


What's Included:

11 Video Lessons (Over 10 hours of content)
PDF Worksheets
Powerful Meditations

Are You Ready To Create More Prosperity and Abundance?



Bernadette, is a Spiritual Mentor & Teacher with Intuitive Gifts. Transforming lives professionally since the year 2000.

My passion is empowering emotionally sensitive people to find a deeper understanding of themselves and to empower them to live a CONFIDENT, HAPPY, life that is full of all the things they desire.

I’m best known for my no-bullshit approach to teaching others the tools for transformation in a powerful way that creates practical and profound solutions toeveryday issues.


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