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"I have had the pleasure of working with Bernadette for the past 20 years and from day one she has always stressed to me that I have the power to create the life I want. She is right! But I lived in such a state of fear and self distrust that I couldn't bring that life into fruition until now. She continued encouraging me to joined Charmed Life and would give me other tools to help but let's face it, it was just easier to live in my comfort zone and let the events of life happen to me vs co-creating them. So I found one excuse after another to delay - not enough time, money, I need to be in the right frame of mind and so on and so on.

No more! I started Charmed Life in April and in the past 3 months my life has been one miracle after another. So much positive good and abundance started flowing into my life as soon as I started doing the work. This program is so amazing and Bernadette is a great coach and spiritual mentor, I just can't even put into words how much my life has changed. My only regret is that I didn't start it sooner but thank you Bernadette for continuing to encourage me to join. Best decision of my life!"

Janet Kelly




"Bernadette's program is the most amazing, deepest work I've ever come across. Some of the exercises can be uncomfortable, but they're so important for the overall process of unlocking my full potential. She's there every step of the way to offer suggestions and help when I hit that "brick wall" and am not sure how to proceed. She has an amazing gift that allows her to quickly target fears and cut through my self-imposed layers in order to speed the healing and allow the Universal gifts to flow freely. The format is easy to follow, yet extremely powerful and thought-provoking. I am so grateful for Bernadette and this class!! "

Joni Alm




"I've gotten so much out of the Charmed Life workshop, not just results, but a sense of validation and community that comes from working collaboratively in a supportive, committed group with an excellent coach encouraging learning and growth. Anyone looking to empower themselves and be the change they wish to see in their lives needs to complete this workshop! You will see a return on your investment! Thank you so much, "Sensei" Bernadette, for these workshops, and thank you to my fellow workshop attendees as well. It's been an amazing ride and I'm so thankful to have gained the resources we used in this workshop to augment the book."

A. G.




"I have been on a path of self-enlightenment for many years (and continue my journey), yet like a string of Christmas lights with a burnt out bulb, until you recognize and correct the disconnection, there will always be a part that remains non-functional. For years I had been searching for the bulb by myself, with the advice of others and without guidance, thinking I had found it numerous times, only to realize it wasn't the defective one. Although this person is the master of finding the missing bulb, she does not find it and replace it for you. She has the patience, diligence, and genuine desire to teach you the process of finding and replacing it yourself."

Bernee Gibo




"I came across Bernadette, her ideologies and her methods. I worked hard and completed her "30 days to a Charmed life" workbook with great results. I was so pleased I had seen a more noticeable and realistic results. Then Bernadette informed me that she had a interactive workshop. I knew I would love it. However, I was surprised to see how there were other issues, beliefs, and experiences from my past that I had not really addressed by myself. I realized how beneficial and truly incredible having others in a workshop along with the workbook and course made a big difference. Along the way within the course, if any of us experienced being "stuck" or just challenged, it didn't take long to overcome that thanks to the benefit of being part of a group. "

Mark Troy




"I have done lots of self development, spiritual courses and workshops over the years and met many teachers and Psychics. Bernadette is one of the most genuine coaches and Psychics I have ever met. I loved the 30 Days to a Charmed Life course, and I am still enjoying and benefiting from the free follow-up online coaching sessions. I have had the goals I was focusing on through the workshop come about magically and perfectly. Also, Bernadette's one-to-one guidance has been so helpful and comforting, she is full of empathy, compassion and unconditional love, and her guidance is always spot on. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Bernadette and to know that her support is available. Much love and thanks Colette. "

Collette Fleming




"I started learning about manifestation and the Law of Attraction when I was a teenager. At 33, I was starting to feel like I'd heard it all. Yet, my life still wasn't quite what I wanted it to be. I started Charmed Life to discover my life purpose and align it with my spirituality and creative pursuits. The course helped me get clear on my goals and desires as well as release a lot of limiting beliefs. But my biggest breakthrough came from coaching. It seems like every single week I learn something new and illuminating from the coaching sessions. One simple sentence Bernadette said during a session made me realize that my life purpose, creative purpose and spirituality were one and the same. That gave me the clarifying breakthrough I needed to cut through the remaining confusion and distractions that had been holding me back. Since then, I can feel myself aligning closer and closer with the life of my dreams. Charmed Life has changed my life and continues to help me grow every day!"

Tessonja Odette
Author/Writing Coach




"Bernadette is a beautiful soul, wise beyond her years, an extraordinary life coach and a life-transforming empowerment coach. In a matter of weeks, she was able to promote my healing, healing what psychologists, psychiatrists and LCSW therapists couldn’t heal for decades – they just put bandaids on my metaphorical gushing wounds. I guarantee you Bernadette will provide you the tools not only for healing but for overcoming any obstacle/challenge you might face, be it financial, emotional, spiritual, mental or physical. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life."

Darlene Julkowski




"The Charmed Life course proved to be everything it said it would be. It is truly a journey and a process of beginning to question, uncover, shed light on all the parts and layers of yourself that are holding you back from living the life you want and were meant to live. Apprehensive at first, but curious and ready for a change, I’ve begun the process of living a Charmed Life, connected to Source, my Angels, and Guides that I had been yearning for. Bernadette is very personable and relatable, making the process feel that much more comforting even though it can be unpleasant at times. The weekly coaching classes are incredibly helpful, practical and the community is so loving and supportive. I can’t recommend the course enough to those who feel there is more to life or are unsatisfied with their current state. At this very moment I have begun and ongoing conversation with the Universe, one that feels so gratifying, nourishing and reassuring. Bernadette has opened my eyes to my dormant power within and empowered me for the of my cosmic journey."

Spencer Nabeeta




"I just want to take a moment to honor my dear friend Bernadette Dickinson! We had an impromptu energy exchange this morning - and B 'received' messages for me which were undeniable truths I had also been hearing, although they had been slightly "muffled" or "stifled" by my own fears and judgements! Thank you B, for "b"eing YOU! Thank you for taking me back to the water, so that I could look beyond the reflection I found there, and jump in for a drink!! If any of you seekers are in need of insight today, (I'll be babysitting, or recovering from my recent illness)...look up my friend B! She's en fuego today, people...I think you'll get what you need! ♥"

Sophie Jester




"As a Charmed Life graduate, I can say that before this course I was struggling financially, spiritually and emotionally. My health was severely declining affecting me physically and mentally. Anxiety was a constant visitor to my mind and financially I was a wreck, My physical health was declining from past pulmonary embolism and blood clots in my legs. In almost every aspect of life since May of 2015, everything was hitting me hard. Bernadette taught me through this course to change a lot of things. You will learn tapping and meditation techniques and many new and enlightening ways to change in a positive direction you never thought possible. I am getting disability checks once a month but using Bernadette's techniques you will learn to manifest positive things your way. Let me put it this way for you so I don't bore you. Everything has changed for me. The only issue I am dealing with now is the chronic pain... Period. And that has gotten better but at a slower pace. I no longer struggle with my anxiety. Financially, let me say, I'm set for life! Mentally, I'm stronger than ever before. You will not regret your decision in taking this course. Bernadette has a special gift of being a Lighthouse to troubling, trying times in our lives. "

Terry Gasche




"I just had my first session with Bernadette, and am overwhelmed. It was the Grace of God that led me to her. She is one of the kindest souls I have ever encountered. This was not just a reading; it was so much more, beyond what I can express in this physical realm. She was healing, compassionate, and gave spiritual as well as practical guidance with great insight. She provided actual tools for healing, and in the most magnificent way. It was an awakening, a call back to life, a hand reaching through the mist of pain and anguish, pulling me back from the darkness. This is a woman who truly cares and wants to share her gifts in the most healing way possible. I feel hope, and it has been a very long time since I’ve experienced that feeling. "

April Pilla J.





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