Within You Is The Power To Create and Control Your Circumstances, Attract Money, and Live A Deeply Fulfilling Life on YOUR terms.

Charmed Life Mastery

is my hand-selected group of ambitious transformational leaders-entrepreneurs-business owners-executives who are ready to create an abundant, prosperous life and business that expresses their Unique Soul Purpose to make a big impact in the world and in their lives.

Transform and up level your ENTIRE LIFE, expressing your Highest-Level Self, with your high-level income switch turned ON, guided by intuition.


Imagine what you will accomplish once you master the keys of alignment to your soul purpose, unlocking and activating your intuitive gifts.


Imagine tapping into the Field of Infinite Possibilities and Supply to create consistent income flow, optimal health, loving, supportive relationships…


…with the ability to overcome every challenge and create a positive outcome.

…in control of your actions, mind, and emotions no matter the circumstance.

…living in the flow of daily miracles and magic.


You'll do that by expressing your Highest-Level Self, connected to Source Energy rather than pushing, pulling, and striving.


You'll release all unconscious programs, blocks, past trauma, limiting beliefs, allowing you to activate the Divine Codes of Abundance, Wealth, Optimal Health, and Flow to make quantum income leaps and more.


You'll become a Master Manifestor, able to achieve all your goals and desires.


…like 3 of our Master's who bought their dream homes in the last three months.


…like Lisa, who was gifted a 2020 Toyota 4Runner, fully paid.


…or Leah who added $600k to her net worth in less than a year.


…and the Masters that experienced 10x income leaps in just months.


All within a sacred community of supportive, successful, high achievers on a mission to make a big impact and create change in the world.


Over the next 12 months, you'll be given the keys to create a Charmed Life aligned to the magic of the Universe where you will…


-Awaken every morning with excitement, joy, and certainty of the path ahead.

- Be the Director of your life & circumstances in the most magical, miraculous way.

-Create healthy relationships based on love, trust, authenticity, and mutual giving/receive.

-Express a powerful YOU guided by intuition and inspired action.

-Ignite your passion and joy while raising your "having" level.


You'll get there by applying Universal Laws and Spiritual principles in a practical, easy-to-understand way and by receiving powerful energy clearings & rapid trauma release (without having to relive the trauma).


Then we'll imprint and activate Universal energy codes to create immediate, permanent shifts….


…instead of applying bandaids!


If you're tired of attending motivational seminars, weekend retreats, only to crash as soon as the 'hype' energy wears off, no farther along in your journey of personal development than when you left home…


…then get excited, because Charmed Life Mastery is a game-changer.




Here's how we roll - - the what/when/how of it all…


We're giving you all the tools you need to create a strong foundation for a life, business, and bank account that reflects your Highest Level.


It takes more than mindset to have what you want.


You've heard of the Law of Attraction, but did you know there are many other Universal Laws that are equally important?


You will learn how to master ALL of them in a way that puts the Universe to work FOR you!


While the Law of Attraction is a widely known Universal Law, without the knowledge of the other laws, you will NOT be able to deliberately create your life consistently.


Authenticity, Honesty, Responsibility, Flexibility, and so much more goes into creating a life of alignment, flow, and deep connection.


Sure... you can manifest things using the Law of Attraction, but it will not be consistent or life changing.


Once you embody the Universal Laws and spiritual principles, they provide a solid foundation, a framework to build your life upon.


Instead of living a superficial life...


You will create a deep and meaningful one that has you jumping out of bed every morning.


Charmed Life delivers the exact steps to:


Direct Your Life & Control Your Circumstances


Life is created either in default reaction mode or deliberate mode.

Being deliberate, confident & peaceful puts you in alignment with all the things you desire.


You will stop the emotional response of "Fight, Flight or Freeze".



You will respond consciously, in a peaceful, deliberate way, no matter what's happening around you in the moment. You will become the LOUDEST energy in the room, able to direct the outcome of any situation.


Programmed for Power and Success


Neuropathways are information highways that create our unconscious drives, patterns & thoughts. Neuropathways help us do things like drive a car, operate a washing machine, use a computer.


But… neuropathways also drive unconscious mental chatter, anxious thought, and physical reaction.


Brain science has proven we can reprogram neuropathways, creating new ones that support new understanding, beliefs, and conscious choices.


You have the power to rewire and reprogram your brain.


You will be able to silence the voice of the ego that bullies or discourages you and empower your True Voice as well as the Voice of Spirit.


Once rewired, we'll raise your 'having' levels to new heights of allowing and receiving.


Instead of forcing things to go your way, you will flow with the 'right' people and opportunities that are in your highest good.




Expressing a Powerful YOU guided by Divine Inspired Action is how you deliberately create a Charmed Life full of health, wealth, happiness, and LOVE.


It's about standing in your authentic self, full of confidence, armed with the tools and knowledge to connect to your Higher Self and God/Source Energy.


Once connected you rise above the mundane world, and instead live within The Field of Infinite Possibilities.


When the REAL you emerges, you have access to magic and miracles, living in a natural state of flow that Divinely attracts everything to you with minimal effort.  


Attuned to your Divine nature, Higher Self, and Spirit, you will receive signs, confirmations, and guidance to keep you on the path of ease.


You get immediate access to all of the teachings and tools that will change your life, so you can put it to work right away, ALL without having to leave home.


Then we'll kick off with a PRIVATE session to create a customized plan so you can quickly shift your biggest blocks, plus we'll clear them. Then we'll activate and imprint Divine Codes to create a rapid shift, resulting in immediate results.


We meet weekly on Zoom as a group, where I channel Divine Wisdom to help you apply the tools to your daily life and business. We'll clear any blocks, fears, and answer any questions you have in our weekly sessions.


The Live Coaching sessions are powerful. You will have the support of Bernadette and all of the Charmed Life Masters, in a safe, sacred space.


You also get access to over 3 years of coaching replays on every topic imaginable.


Our Facebook Group is very active. You get feedback and support from other Masters, and myself.


Plus many more benefits - - keep reading for those.


***Who, precisely is Charmed Life Masters for?

Ambitious entrepreneurs, transformational leaders, healers, and executives who are already at six figures and beyond, ready to uplevel their income and lives in the most magical way.


We'll plug you into an easy-to-follow, proven system that aligns you to all the Universal Laws that creates surefire results.


Let me be clear….


This is NOT an overnight transformation. There is work to do and action to take to succeed and get the results you want.


Everyone's journey is unique – the one thing all members have in common, is that they ALL need guidance and encouragement. I've been teaching Charmed Life since 2014, I know when you commit to the program, do the work, you experience dramatic results.



***How is this program different from others?


In Charmed Life, we begin by creating a paradigm shift for your entire life and business. Charmed Life delivers the tools to build a solid spiritual foundation that allows exponential growth. Masters experience radical changes in health, relationships, and personal/spiritual development.


Charmed Life is an immersive experience, a multi-media membership, mastermind, magical vortex and a mastery of self…all-in-one!


It's personal development meets spiritual growth that creates permanent change, money in the bank account, and magical flow that bring your dreams into reality.


I'm honored to be your guide...

Hi! I’m Bernadette, and I work with extraordinary, transformational leaders like you, who have a big mission to fulfill.

 I’ve been called a "no-BS psychic", success mentor, and spiritual teacher, but most call me Soul  Purpose Activator + Magic Maker.

I love activating leaders who are committed to diving deep so they can have the money, time, and freedom to create live the life they know they are meant to.

Do you feel like something is missing? Do you feel like there is more to life? Are you ready to tap into your Divine Purpose?

If you answered YES, Hell Yeah or something close, you aren't alone.

Let’s activate your Higher Self and reboot your life!

Listen to what the Masters say



Book a free 15 minute consultation and I will answer any questions you have regarding the Charmed Life immersion experience Before you enroll I want you to be absolutely sure .


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