Spiritual Growth, Alignment and Transformation

Season #8 Episode #1

Due to Blogtalkradio being down at the start of our live show, this is pre-recorded. Hidden Wisdom Radio is pleased to offer you a show that you will find to be an oasis of spiritual refreshment. Your Hosts Spiritual Advisor & Mentor Bernadette Gold and Julie O'brien Intuitive Empowerment Strategist are here to help you apply spiritual principles to your daily life. Our mission is to empower others to live a life of truth, finding joy along the way. We offer our gifts, training, and experience to aid you in your growth and increased understanding of spiritual illumination. Our show will feature discussions about awakening to your own spiritual connection, and how to better facilitate living a purpose-driven, fulfilling human experience while pursuing your best physical, intellectual, and spiritual self. Both Bernadette Gold @fearslayerbernadette and Julie O'Brien @luminarywisdomcan be found on Facebook, Youtube, and the Web.