Intuitive Intelligence Podcast Reinventing Yourself

In this week's episode of Intuitive Intelligence, Transformational Life Coach Travia Steward is here to talk about Reinventing Yourself.   Travia is a Transformational Life coach who works with ambitious professionals to help them overcome their challenges to achieve their goals. After helping actors create and shift identities on stage for 24 years, Travia took that expertise to real-life to help her clients create and become the identities they need to be in order to get what they want in life.   She loves to help them unleash the limits that years of conditioning have placed on them. So many times, we settle for being the people we were molded to be instead of being the person we were meant to be. Witnessing the growth and evolution of a client taking flight and experiencing this reinvention, this rebirth, is what makes this work so impactful and profound for Travia.   Website: Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: Instagram: Reinvent You Podcast: job