Intuitive Intelligence Andres Ruiz Interview

Special Guest Interview with Motivational Speaker Andres Ruiz 

Andres Ruiz has been a motivational speaker for over 4 years and has given presentations in a variety of venues and thousands of youth in his community. In March, 2018, he was invited to present at a Ted Talk in San Jose, California. He is also a speaker for the non-profit organization, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). He has presented for various Youth Peace Conferences, Youth Leadership Conference, Non-Profits and Organizations. He also speaks to rehab centers in our community since he at one point in his life struggled with drug,alcohol, depression and anxiety.  As a Life Coach, Andres works with clients from all over the world, including Italy, France, Mongolia, Dubai, Canada, Australia, Ecuador & throughout the United States. He helps his clients by inspiring them to do what inspires them to make the world a better place. Another one of Andres’s mission is to impact the lives of youth, to help them gain confidence and self-esteem, to believe in themselves and pursue their goals and dreams. He is also the co-host of the common good radio show on 1030am the voice.