Intuitive Intelligence Podcast

Season #8 Episode #1

Empaths are emotional sponges, absorbing both positive and negative energies...

The daily challenges emotionally sensitive people and empaths face include:

  • Absorbing the emotions and energy from others.
  • Overwhelm & Overstimulation caused by sensory overload.
  • Loneliness and self-imposed isolation to protect oneself. 
  • Weak boundaries or the inability to create/enforce healthy boundaries.
  • Feeling used by others. Empaths tend to attract broken, needy, unhealthy relationships. 
  • Anxiety & depression are common due to heightened emotional sensitivities.

While there are many challenges, there are many blessings too. Empaths are needed to bring connection, wholeness and emotional expression to the forefront of society. Empaths are:

  • Creatives, artists, dreamers, inventive.
  • Lovers of nature, animals, life.
  • Caring, kind, compassionate souls.
  • Excellent listeners, healers, nurturers.
  • Truth tellers, truth seekers that are honest & trustworthy.
  • Natural intuitives & lie detectors.

For more info, check out this video.