Intuitive Intelligence Podcast with Guest Natalie Woodman

Episode #22

Natalie Woodman is a transformation coach, mentor, body specialist, healer, and heart-centered entrepreneur, who facilitates quantum shifts and breakthroughs helping women regain body connection.   Her mission is to help transform the lives of high achieving who are tired of working against their bodies, find balance and learn to reconnect, heal and trust their bodies, their intuition, and their Divine guidance available to them. She helps women find the path of ease as they create their Divine work. She has been a successful entrepreneur since 2006 and she has helped thousands to reconnect with their bodies and reclaim their health and re-connection with their bodies more deeply.   She helps make the unseen seen. She is passionate about the miraculous nature of the body to heal and how our lives change when the body comes first. She embodies this, commanding greatness in her life and work. She is passionate about helping others achieve an incredible body connection.