Spiritual Bypassing on The Spiritually Expressed Human Podcast

Season #8

Listen to an Energizing Podcast Interview on The Spiritually Expressed Human with Host Susan Dascenzi.


  • Recognizing Spiritual Bypassing and the dangers of it with Susan and Bernadette:
  • What spiritual bypassing is (and the detriment of toxic positivity).
  • The difference between IQ, EQ, and SQ.
  • Lessons learned from the spiritual teachers in our lives.
  • Paying attention to the whole, not just the self, even in your spiritual journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • All change and growth happens when we are not comfortable and when we are not happy.
  • True spiritual seekers ask “why” all the time. They want to understand and bring coherence to the rational mind and their emotions.
  • When we hold onto peace from a healthy place, we can allow our humanness to be integrated and part of our spiritual journey.
  • Spirituality isn’t to avoid - it is to walk through the spiritual fire of the circumstances with peace and knowing that it doesn’t change your values and you can still continue to walk in peace and love.

"Life is messy. And the road to growth usually happens in the messy middle." — Bernadette Gold

 Bernadette Gold is an author, no-nonsense Clairvoyant Medium, facilitating rapid breakthroughs that create insights leading to quantum leaps in health, happiness, and prosperity. Since 2000, she’s run a successful practice, using her skills as a Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer and Consciousness Leader & Coach to guide tens of thousands of successful high-achievers to their highest path and purpose, connected to Spirit. Bernadette also facilitates group coaching programs where she helps clients clear old wounds, beliefs and trauma, creating a new energetic paradigm that leads to elevated income, increased impact, and fulfillment in all areas of life.

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