Hi, I'm Bernadette

I love, love, love helping high-achievers, entrepreneurs and executives achieve Emotional Freedom and a High-Performance mindset so they can live at their Highest Level with optimal health, loving relationships, and unshakeable peace.

Simplifying complex spiritual principles applied to daily life is in my genius zone. I've been a Transpersonal Coach & Spiritual Mentor since 2000. Some know me as the "No B.S. Psychic" or "the Fear Slayer"...

Yes, you read that right...

I'm a natural-born Clairvoyant Medium and Energy Healer with a background in Hypnosis, EFT,  and NLP. I've spent the last 38 years studying psychology theology, philosophy, quantum physics, natural medicine, and energy medicine. Sarvatva Healing® is my original energy healing modality. I've mastered High-Level Manifesting, and teach it to my clients.

Using my laser-like, inner vision, I quickly get to the root of what's holding you back from living the life you deserve. Then, together, we quickly remove the blocks and limitations, so that you can achieve your 'impossible' goals.

You can transform your entire life without years of therapy, and without reliving your trauma or past. When we work together, you get a mindset coach, healer, spiritual counselor, and teacher all in one person.  

If your heart feels expanded by what you've read, I invite you to explore how we can work together. 

 I was born a Healer and Clairvoyant Medium with the ability to see, feel and hear beyond what most people can perceive. But I didn't embrace who I was because the world taught me it was wrong. Once I gave myself permission to use my unique gifts, EVERYTHING CHANGED.




Aloha, I'm Bernadette Gold,  Founder of Charmed Life Mastery - a.k.a. Fearslayer and No B.S. Psychic

I'm a High Achiever too...


Graduating high school early by doing independent study, earning a 3.85 GPA, surpassing my classmates. I went on to self-study philosophy, psychology, law, and even theology.

SECRET: No matter what I have accomplished, every time I level up, "imposter syndrome" hits. I suffer from "compare and despair" when I notice clients' credentials or corporate titles; PhD, MBA, CEO, Chief of Staff, EVP. I have to constantly remind myself that while I don't have a formal education, I've been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years. 


Working for lawyers, becoming a private investigator, and trying to find the right career path, I busted my butt to work my way up in the corporate world without a college degree. I finally left corporate and a lucrative role as Director of Business Development in the late 90s, to become an entrepreneur.


My passion was rescuing and rehabilitating racehorses, problem, and abandoned horses. I turned my love for horses into a profitable hunter/jumper boarding and training facility in San Diego. Alongside that, I ran a technical headhunting agency with a former partner. While horses were my passion, something was missing.


 I was born a Clairvoyant Medium with the ability to see, feel and hear beyond what most people can perceive. But I didn't embrace who I was because the world taught me it was wrong. Once I gave myself permission to use my unique gifts, EVERYTHING CHANGED.


In 2000, I turned my focus to using my clairvoyant skills to start my personal transformation coaching practice and never looked back. Since then, I’ve helped transform the lives of over 40,000 people internationally.



Before that, I faced a life-changing crisis when my 3-year-old daughter was molested. I struggled with major anxiety, depression, and of course I was in financial crisis. I felt alone, disconnected, and peace was non-existent. I barely slept, and if I did, I would wake up in the middle of the night in a panic over bills, work, my daughter. My mind did mental gymnastics every night trying to figure out how to “save” myself from the constant turmoil. My friends and family weren’t very supportive and I didn’t want to “burden” them with my problems. I needed to find a way to turn my life around but honestly didn’t know anyone who completely had their “shit” together.


I traveled in some wealthy social circles with highly successful people, but no one I knew had total balance, peace, and love. They had money but not wisdom, kindness, or compassion. In fact, a lot of them had horrible relationships. I wanted it all and I knew it was possible!


I went on a search, I prayed, spent hours meditating and devoured all the books on psychology, success, spirituality, personal growth I could find. I was seeking answers on how to be happy, feel worthy, good enough and how to create a stable life that flowed with abundance in all things.


For the longest time, I felt like some people were just “luckier than me”. My studies taught me that luck had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t willing to rob, cheat or steal my way to a better life either.

Guess what I discovered?

There are unchanging Universal Laws in place that govern our lives on all levels. These Universal laws create order and structure. When you are UNAWARE of them, you struggle. 


Once aware and you know how to operate in them on a practical level, life becomes magically easy!

Religious and government institutions long ago hid the wisdom in these Universal truths. Thankfully, technology has evolved and the truth is being revealed. You probably know about the Law of Attraction but did you know there are several other Universal Laws that are EQUALLY important?


When I discovered these laws and learned how to align my mind, emotions, and actions to them, my life completely changed. Back in the 90s my own personal transformation took time because there weren't coaches or counselors that knew anything about unconscious blocks, fears, and programs that kept me from consistent alignment.


You see, we all have subconscious or unconscious fears, blocks, programs, and triggers that keep us from living in complete alignment with Universal Law and the abundance that exists for everyone. When I identified my blocks, and cleared them, change happened quickly.


My relationships improved dramatically, my anxiety disappeared, depression too. I finally had balance, peace, joy and miraculous financial blessings appeared and continue to this day.




I had a choice in every moment. I could continue to struggle or I could alter my steps slightly and align to a clear, easy path with no struggle. Take the easy path, the path your Angels have cleared before you.


It would be my honor to help you achieve ease and flow in your life so you can reach the next level of success. ~Bernadette


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My Life in a Nutshell


Over 37 years in both Corporate and Entrepreneur roles has given me incredible knowledge and skills to navigate the world of business. I've held the positions as:

  • Personal and Business Trusted Advisor & Intuitive Consultant
  • Transpersonal Life and Business Coach
  • Business Development/Marketing Director
  • Co-Owner Technical Headhunter agency
  • Owner/Head Trainer @ Bella Farms - Hunter/Jumper Horse Training and Boarding facility 
  • Non-Profit Marketing Coordinator
  • Private Investigator
  • Trusted Psychic Medium to locate Missing Persons & Unsolved Murder Investigations
  • Non-Fiction Author: The Crooked Path To A Charmed Life and 30 Days to a Charmed Life
  • Radio Show/Podcast Host
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Organic Gardener
  • Goat herder & Chicken Wrangler
  • Tech Geek
  • Owner of Sarcastic Queen Inc. Novelty Shop
  • Single Mom - Homeschool Teacher - Household CEO
  • Proud Grandma
  • Spiritual Seeker and Lover of Personal Development
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