The Wisdom of The Heart

ego meditation personal development spiritual growth Apr 05, 2018

Too many times we worry more about what we put into our mouths that our bodies must digest and don't worry half as much about the purity of what comes out of our mouths. In silence we gain understanding and wisdom. In right speech and action from the heart, we send out waves of empowerment.

An old Jewish proverb says, “Because we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, we should listen twice as much as we speak”. 

Listen and speak from your heart, for the heart never lies. Our minds get cluttered and hooked by the Ego. The heart is home of Spirit and truth. When words are from the heart, it conveys wisdom, brings peace and creates understanding. When the mind becomes attached to it's opinions or beliefs, the words spoken creates a discomfort, conflict or even clenching of the stomach.

Listen closely to your intuition, or to the heart of the matter. Let your words uplift, instruct and empower. It is the heart that knows the truth and radiates light.

The Tao Te Ching  teaches that the superior person is careful with his words, knowing that he is reflected in them. It also teaches, only through daily self-renewal of character can you continue at the height of your powers. The wisdom of The Tao focuses on becoming a superior person that instructs, displays qualities of humility, good manners and the willingness to look within oneself to find error will insure supreme happiness and success.

All ancient spiritual texts speak of guarding the tongue and listening with intent focus on all levels. For the Spirit of man absorbs and projects intention on a feeling level, intellectual level and spiritual level. Make a commitment to spend time in quiet reflection daily.

Remember that in nature, words are not needed to communicate the perfection and beauty of all that exists. The sounds of nature are pure, powerful and reverberate throughout all of the Universe without language ever being used.

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