The #1 Thing Missing in Humanity

sq Nov 20, 2021

The #1 Thing Missing in Humanity



As our world changes and we evolve, seeking to create a sustainable life, spiritual intelligence or SQ is needed. We all know about IQ and EQ, but SQ isn’t yet widely known, however, it is the #1 type of intelligence most underdeveloped in humanity. SQ is value-driven, as such, millennials are leading the charge to develop spiritual intelligence.


The 4 types  of intelligence:

Cognitive Intelligence - IQ is the logical process to solve strategic problems

  1. Emotional Intelligence - EQ gives awareness of our own and other peoples feelings, i.e., empathy, compassion, motivation, and response to pain/pleasure
  2. Physical or Body Intelligence - PQ is the physical body awareness and control process.
  3. Spiritual Intelligence - SQ how we solve problems of meaning and value and with which we place our actions and lives in a meaning-giving context.


Spiritual intelligence goes far beyond one’s religious beliefs. Rather than being exclusive to one thought system, it can be developed with or without a specific belief in a deity. It is the refinement of intuition that bridges emotions and intellect, providing guidance to live from wisdom and compassion. SQ is the unifying force of both rational, analytical processes and emotional processes. It creates coherence within your mind, as well as your inner and outer life.


Rather than our current paradigm of profit first, millennials have different priorities. They value people first, followed by the planet, and purpose over profit. In a value-driven system, the self is seen as connected to the whole of life. Higher values led by higher self-expression can then create a practical framework for living a unified, meaningful life. In my work, people from all walks of life enlist my services because they are seeking meaning in life and are hoping for insight. While many are successful, high-achievers that have accomplished a lot, they recognize something is missing. What’s missing is the development and expression of Spiritual Intelligence.


To illustrate, let me share a story.

Two Buddhist monks were walking through the countryside. They had taken oaths of celibacy that included a promise to not even touch a woman. They reached a small river which they would have to wade through knee-deep to cross.


The river was flowing quickly, and an older woman was pacing along the bank, afraid to cross. The older monk offered to carry her across the river, and she climbed on his back, grateful for the help.


The young monk was outraged but said nothing. They crossed and then continued walking toward the monastery for a few miles before the younger monk could stand it no longer and blurted out ‘Why did you touch that woman?’ The older monk looked startled and said ‘What woman?’ ‘The woman at the river, of course!’ the young monk replied. ‘Ah...’ said the old monk, smiling. ‘I put her down miles ago. Why are you still carrying her?’ The young monk fell to his knees with gratitude for the lesson.


Without a developed SQ, the older monk would have stuck to the “rules” and ignored the needs of the old woman. Instead of simply following rules and vows to “not touch a woman,”
filled with wisdom and compassion, he recognized the need and met it. While it confused the younger monk at first, he received insight that rules and vows are useless without proper values as a priority.


Spiritual Intelligence is developed just like the other forms of intelligence. For many that have had a spiritual awakening, they are just beginning their path of growth. Unfortunately, SQ is missing within many of the teachings in the spiritual and metaphysical communities. It is my intention to guide and support those who desire to live a value-driven, practical, rational approach to life, based on wisdom and compassion.


The Expanded Insights Group Coaching program was designed to help you create coherence by developing your SQ. I invite you to join us on November 30th, in a sacred container for six weeks, get the details here

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