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spiritual growth spirituality Nov 26, 2021

Spiritual awakening and spiritual growth spurts precede loss or crisis, which provokes a search for meaning. When your spiritual senses activate and increase, it can become very confusing. As an empath, learning how to discern energies and separate what is yours versus other people's or the environment is no easy task. I learned a lot from higher guidance, but a lot of the time, I had no choice but to go through it by trial-and-error.


On the path of developing Spiritual Intelligence, I've seen so many distractions, illusions, and useless information. I've always been someone who needed spirituality to be practical in my daily life. If a teaching, vision, or communication from spirit did not help me become a better person and live a better life, there was no point. I detest the 'woo woo' crap and 'out there' thinking that many fall for in the metaphysical communities. 'Woo woo' is defined as unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine. The truth is that practical spiritual practices and energies do have scientific research and backing.


"Scientists have speculated that the human brain features a "God spot," one distinct area of the brain responsible for spirituality. Now, researchers have completed research that indicates spirituality is a complex phenomenon, and multiple areas of the brain are responsible for the many aspects of spiritual experiences."


I've become deeply disturbed by the modern-day 'woo woo' as it is creating a whole new set of ego behaviors that are sometimes referred to as 'spiritual ego', yet it is simply ego.


Spiritual intelligence is not about being more enlightened than others, as that is just another form of 'holier than thou'.  It is not about how long you can meditate or hold a yoga pose, what use is that? Instead, it is the ability to connect to the unseen, the higher-self, and live from infinite knowledge that surpasses what we have been taught.


Intuition is a skill that is developed by knowing thyself. As you gain better control over your thoughts, emotions, and cognitive thinking, you can access a higher level of 'knowing'. Spiritual Intelligence is neither scary nor 'out there.' Of course, having a high level of energetic and emotional awareness, picking up the emotions of others can wreak havoc on our peace. Once I learned how to distinguish between my feelings and others, I stopped being a doormat for others to take advantage of my deep compassion.


Throughout my youth, I struggled with understanding how to bridge the physical and non-physical worlds. Back in those days, books weren't readily available, and we had no Google. Finding a mentor was impossible, let alone getting questions answered in church. Thankfully, things have changed, yet I remember clearly how lonely the spiritual awakening process was, and of course, it's an ongoing journey. Spirituality is an experience of touching the infinite, unknowable, expansive, and unseen realms.


It took years of study and meditation to learn about the different dimensions, planes, and frequencies held within each. It would have been so much easier if I had a teacher, a mentor, or a guide. It would have saved me years of suffering, study, and of course, needless lessons. Fast-forward to the present day. We can learn at a distance and connect to groups of like-minded seekers. Finding guidance is so much easier in this new age of technology.


Learning how to navigate the physical and non-physical, discern energy, shield, recognize spirit from ego doesn't have to take you through the trials I endured. Learning how to operate with your sixth sense operating doesn't have to be scary either.


On November 30th, I'm mentoring a small group of empaths, sensitives, and spiritual students for six weeks. Within my online class, I will be teaching, coaching/mentoring each person through the various points of struggle on the spiritual awakening and growth path. If you have been struggling on your journey alone, you are filled with questions, need help, and want guidance to be able to create a powerful, impactful life, I invite you to join us.


Find out how I can help you. 


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